Digital checklists ensure a successful onboarding of new employees. With this template, you have all phases of onboarding across all departments in view: For example, you can prepare the support, provide the accesses, assign the tasks and also log conversations.

New employees? Use our Onboarding template.

Our Onboarding template is the perfect tool to get new employees off to the best start. Learn how to increase employee loyalty through structured onboarding.

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Highlights dieser Vorlage:
  • Dashboard: Shows active onboarding processes and tasks.
  • Bar charts: Overview of tasks by status.
  • Onboarding: Quick overview of employee status.
  • Task templates: Easy creation of new tasks.

Challenges without a digital onboarding template

Without a structured training plan template, companies can face numerous challenges. Onboarding new employees can become uncoordinated and inefficient without a template, resulting in a poor first experience and reduced employee retention. Documentation and the provision of access can be delayed, which affects the productivity of the new team member. Without the right tools, there is often no overview of the status of the onboarding processes, which can lead to duplication of work and confusion.

Importance of a structured training plan template

Using a training plan template can significantly minimize these challenges. Such a template helps to structure onboarding from the start and ensure that all important steps are completed.

Do you need an onboarding plan? Our template will help you familiarise yourself with it by showing you all the tasks in the dashboard.

Onboarding Plan Template Features

Our onboarding plan template offers a variety of features that make onboarding easier and more streamlined. From concise dashboards to detailed bar charts - every function is designed to improve the management of onboarding processes. Gantt and Kanban presentations make it possible to efficiently manage tasks and transparently track the progress of every new employee. In addition, uploading and managing documents facilitates the flow of information and ensures that all relevant materials are accessible for onboarding new employees.

Our training plan template is specifically designed to to optimize and simplify the onboarding process of new employees. Here is a detailed description of the key features:

  1. Dashboard overviews: Our template's dashboard provides a comprehensive view of all ongoing onboarding processes. Here you can quickly check the current status of each employee and see which phase of onboarding everyone is in. Additional tasks and upcoming steps are clearly presented to ensure seamless communication and organization.
  2. Task status bar charts: With our built-in bar charts, you get a visual representation of the progress of all onboarding tasks. These charts show the status of tasks — whether in progress, completed, or overdue — and help to quickly identify bottlenecks and address them in good time.
  3. Onboarding status updates: This feature makes it possible to track the progress of each new employee individually. A quick overview shows which documents have been submitted, which training courses have been completed and which steps are pending next. This promotes personal support throughout the onboarding process.
  4. Gantt and Kanban views for task management: Use the flexibility of Gantt charts for long-term planning and Kanban boards for daily tasks. These tools are particularly useful for managing deadlines, setting priorities, and distributing workload evenly across your team.
  5. Employee integration and management: Simply add new employees and assign them the appropriate roles and responsibilities within the Ninox platform. This makes it easier to manage permissions and access required resources.
  6. Document management: Our template makes it possible to upload and manage all relevant onboarding documents centrally. Whether it's employment contracts, data protection agreements or training materials — everything is securely stored and easily accessible.
  7. Create and manage task templates: Create task templates that are specifically developed for recurring tasks in the onboarding process. These templates can be easily customized and reused by different employees, saving time and ensuring consistency.
  8. Admin area for advanced controls: Accessible in edit mode, the admin area offers advanced features such as resetting date entries. This is particularly useful if you're using the template for the first time and want to ensure that sample data is displayed correctly.

By combining these features, our onboarding plan template enables a comprehensive, efficient, and personalized onboarding experience. It not only makes the process easier for the HR department, but also ensures that new team members feel welcome and are well prepared to be successful in their new work environment.

See the process of the induction plan at a glance in our template.

How companies can use the template

To use our training plan template, simply follow these steps:

  1. Click on ”Use template“ to use the onboarding plan and template.
  2. In the next window, register with your email address and a password by clicking “Start Now.” If you're already a Ninox user, log in with your details.
  3. You will receive an email that you must confirm.
  4. Click the link in the email to access the software.
  5. The icon called “database” is the template that you can now use free of charge for 30 days.
  6. You can use more templates by clicking on “New Database” in the work area and choosing from the many templates.

Save time with Ninox and the training plan template

Using our training plan template in Ninox saves significant time. Through automation and efficient process design, companies reduce the administrative effort associated with onboarding. Tasks can be assigned and completed more quickly, and the clarity of the tools ensures that no important step is missed. This allows companies to focus more on personal support and training of their new team members while ensuring that all administrative requirements are met.

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