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Everything you need in one software

Ninox keeps all of your information at your fingertips in one central location. No more switching back and forth between different tools.

More importantly, you’re in full control. Structure your databases, assign roles and grant rights so that everyone only sees what they need.

Custom forms, views, and tables

Standard software is static. It’s often too complex, sometimes too basic, but it’s never a perfect fit.

Create exactly what you need. Start small or automate your entire business, all with Ninox.

Print reports, charts, and docs

Manage information at scale. Ninox provides the tools to get insights and clarity that help you make better decisions.

We support your document-based workflows by automating your quotes, invoices, reports and more. Click. Done!

How our customers use Ninox


Groq uses an integrated ecosystem of applications on a single platform


Efficient paperless solution

From working across different geographical locations to a managing operations app

Yorick van der Walt
HSEQ Manager

Boosting efficiency during the COVID-19 pandemic

Time-consuming spreadsheets urgently needed replacing with a simple, effective solution

Quinton GoForth
Managing Partner

A flexible solution with room to adapt

Software company creating a one-stop, paperless solution for real estate clients

Phillippe Delagneau
Real Estate Agent
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Customize your app

Drag-and-drop to quickly arrange forms, charts and reports

Collaborate with ease

All your data in a central workspace – no communication overhead

Work from anywhere – even offline

Ninox runs on all devices and common operating systems


Finally, an app for legal information with a modern, intuitive interface.


Michael Klös
Head of Environmental & Energy Management


Ninox took everything and put it in one place. Nioxus and ReportsPLUS elevated that experience, making our business run much smoother.


Nick Massie
Trainer and Project Manager


Now we have one place for all the information, so you can make sense out of it. It’s so easy to aggregate the data.


Simone Browning
Stroke Pilot Project Manager


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Been using it for nearly 5 years. It's brilliant!

Andrew S. Marks
CPA, Nioxus

Speed. It handles large volumes of data effortlessly.

Bjoern Wening

Databases that adapt to your needs

Adjust forms, tables, and charts to meet your evolving goals with just a few clicks.

As flexible as your workflow

Decide how you display, filter, sort, group, or save your data to see what you want, when you need it.

Complex structures — easy visualization

Manage your complete business — whether project management, CRM or ERP in a single tool.

Customize data views

Easily analyze complex data structures through views such as diagrams, Kanban, Gantt, and more.

Get started with templates

The Ninox community provides a variety of customizable templates for different industries and applications.

More than 300,000 users run on Ninox - so can you.

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