Agile sales control with Ninox

Successful sales are still based on personal proximity to the customer. Online meetings and virtual product presentations can therefore not replace the classic field sales force. However, the processes between office and field sales can be made much more efficient.


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Customer profile

TCR Dienstleister GmbH is a consulting company specialising in trade and sales. Under the name Digital Solutions Berlin, it offers IT-supported solutions for the efficient handling of processes in the office and in the field. SalesDesk, for example, is an application for agile corporate and sales management with Ninox.


Missing interface for office and field staff

For successful sales activities, office and field sales should work hand-in-hand and access a consistently up-to-date database. In many sales organisations, however, the continuous digitalization of workflows still represents a major challenge. Therefore, data exchange between office and field staff is still often done via PDF documents or Excel spreadsheets that are sent back and forth by email. This procedure costs a lot of time and is also prone to errors. With their experience in sales practice and Ninox, Digital Solutions Berlin developed a digital solution that maps the entire sales process.

We have greatly simplified the way we work in sales, reduced costs, and cut administrative work by more than half.

Tim Güldenpfennig


Cross-platform solution for all scenarios

The core of SalesDesk is the CRM module, which handles all customer-related activities, from master data management and the control of scheduled visits to order overviews and statistical evaluations. Changes that occur during customer appointments can be digitally recorded directly on-site and are also immediately available to the office staff. The same applies to the product catalogue with scalable article photos and scannable EAN codes for order processing. Orders can be conveniently entered directly on the customer's mobile phone and are immediately registered in the central database. SalesDesk also offers functions for staff scheduling, working time recording, and travel expense accounting.

Key Features
  • Digital product catalogue
  • Distribution survey
  • Campaign management


A decisive prerequisite for realizing the interface between office and field sales is that the software can be used across various platforms and on mobile on all workstations, providing access to a consistently up-to-date database. This is not the case with many conventional sales solutions and ERP systems. As a cloud-based SaaS solution with additional native apps for mobile devices, Ninox fulfills this requirement out of the box, i.e. without further investment in IT infrastructure. All functions are equally available to office and field staff, and the time-consuming processes for exchanging data and information are eliminated. At the same time, Ninox-based solutions are scalable. Roles and rights can also be used to control who has access to which data.


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