Boosting efficiency during the COVID-19 pandemic

Too many spreadsheets were slowing down operations for companies working on the COVID-19 vaccine. Valuable time was being wasted navigating the spreadsheets and assuring data quality. With Ninox, spreadsheets were replaced with a more streamlined, efficient solution.




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Triad Unlimited is an asset management consulting firm, specialising in developing sustainable solutions that are customized to fit precise customer specifications. They serve a wide range of customers both remotely and on-site, from chemical and life sciences to power and transportation businesses.


Inefficient spreadsheet functionality disrupted the ability to streamline operations

Triad Unlimited supports a diverse set of companies including Life Science customers that are involved with COVID-19 vaccine manufacturing. Fast and accurate work had never been more important, but too many spreadsheets were getting in the way. Over 100 different spreadsheets needed to be replaced, found across multiple companies and users. The spreadsheets were also far too slow, weighed down by the macros needed for functionality.

The team was spending 20 hours a week managing spreadsheets and another 40 hours a week performing quality reviews of the data. Their workflow was inefficient and labour-intensive. That's when Triad turned to Ninox for a simple but effective solution for data and project management.

Ninox allowed us to take ideas from our team and convert them into effective solutions for our customers.

Quinton GoForth
Managing Partner


Leaving behind a decade of spreadsheets

After over ten years of using spreadsheets as a core part of their processes, Triad was able to step away from them almost entirely. With Ninox, they developed a straightforward solution that drastically streamlined operations. Time and resources previously spent on managing spreadsheets can now be focused on providing additional value to their customers.

Being able to step away from spreadsheets altogether was beyond what they expected, giving them greater scalability and utility from their data. Now, they can use data analytics to drive their everyday decision-making, to the advantage of themselves and their customers.

Key Features
  • Project management
  • Data analytics
  • Risk analysis


Time spent on spreadsheet management each week is now reduced to almost zero with the enhanced functionality and user access of Ninox. Quality reviews can now be done in a fraction of the time it took previously, with built-in analytics freeing up employee hours. The value of the time saved is over $300,000.

What's more, incorporating a cloud-based solution has also helped to maximise team and customer collaboration. With more time and resources on their hands, Triad was able to successfully deliver all projects on time during the pandemic, including those customers involved with COVID-19 vaccine manufacturing.

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