A flexible solution with room to adapt

Monappimo dreamed of creating a one-stop, paperless solution for their real estate clients, but found that all the tools already out there were too expensive and too inflexible to suit their needs. Only when they found Ninox were they able to make their idea a reality.







Customer profile

Monappimo is a software editing company that delivers CRM solutions for freelance real estate agents. In France alone, they estimate a market capacity of around 36,000 agents. They offer their clients a full solution, from the initial contact from a prospective buyer all the way through to invoicing for the agent's commission.


Unique needs with no solution

Monappimo wanted to find the perfect CRM solution for their clients. The goals was to create a completely paperless solution that ticked every box for the typical real estate agent. It would cover the entire process of selling a home, from start to finish.

The software company looked into a variety of different tools but found that none of them could cover all the unique specifications of the real estate market. They realised they needed to build their own solution in-house, but creating such a singular product would become costly and labour-intensive, especially since Monappimo had no written specifications. Everything seemed hopeless - but then they discovered Ninox.

The quality of the product, the speed of the solution, and the price of all this makes Ninox a completely unique solution on the market.

Phillippe Delagneau
Real Estate Agent


No paper, no problem

With Ninox, Monappimo was able to quickly create the first version of their app, including everything they first dreamed of in their initial vision. The flexibility of Ninox allowed the team to test new directions, then quickly make changes from what they learned. They were able to adapt their processes within minutes, to quickly design exactly what they imagined.

In collaboration with gitnox.com, Monappimo were able to scale the app and release it to hundreds of real estate agents. Within three months, the first version was created and more than 100 versions of the app have been released to their users since then. Monappimo is currently active in each agent's database, automatically synchronised through a series of web APIs.

Key Features
  • Contract Management
  • Invoice Management
  • Offline work


In an extremely competitive market, most of Monappimo's competitors have teams ranging from 10 to 50 people. Monappimo were able to create their leading solution with just two people by using Ninox. With their new product, they were able to shift their value proposition from delivering a technical product to offering a ready-to-go solution for their clients.

At any given time, their two team members were being supported by the entire Ninox staff, helping to create a high-quality, polished product. They even have their own app store to deliver their app and any upgrades in real time.


More than 300,000 users run on Ninox - so can you.

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