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Biofisch GmbH processes and markets freshly-caught fish products from sustainable and organic fish farms using its own management chain. The company has its headquarters in Vienna and employs 10 people. The high-quality products are sold directly at the farms, as well as at Viennese farmers' markets and other weekly markets. Biofisch also supplies retailers, restaurants, and other customers with produce throughout Austria.


Replacing dozens of Excel spreadsheets with one complete solution

Fresh fish must be processed and delivered promptly. At Biofisch, the entire management of orders, returns, and stock levels were handled using handwritten slips of paper and Excel spreadsheets. This system was becoming increasingly time-consuming and prone to errors as the company grew. The day to- day business was also burdened by the constantly increasing documentation requirements for the production of organic food, doubling the administrative effort in recent years.

Their extensive search for a suitable industry or enterprise resource planning (ERP) software remained unsuccessful. Everything they found was either too expensive, too complicated, or too rigid. So Biofisch decided to develop its own software with Ninox.

Although we have only been using Ninox for a short time, we are already much faster and more effective than before

Marc Mößmer
Managing Director


Enter the digitization of fish management

The Ninox solution, which was developed in two months, was adapted exactly to the operational procedures at Biofisch and maps all the main business processes in one smooth application. Customer orders are now processed digitally, from order entry to invoicing with both individual and collective invoices. All data is stored centrally and can be accessed from anywhere in real-time. Thanks to various evaluations, both upper management and employees always have an up-to-date overview of their areas of responsibility.

Biofisch uses the cloud version of Ninox on various PC workstations in administration and home offices as well as mobile on Android tablets.

Key features
  • CRM with customer base
  • Order processing including subscription orders
  • Interface to accounting


The deciding factor for Biofisch was that Ninox could be precisely tailored to individual operating procedures from the beginning. It can also be adapted at any time in the future to further business development. The industry solutions tested did not offer this level of flexibility and would have resulted in significantly higher costs for licenses, operation, and service. In addition, Biofisch saved a five-figure annual sum, due to not needing to hire an additional part-time employee to cope with the steadily increasing administrative tasks.

The consistent digitalization of processes with Ninox has therefore not only significantly improved the current situation for Biofisch, but also created a strong foundation for further growth.

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