Customer survey: Response rate doubled with Ninox

Staffing companies that deploy skilled workers to changing locations within the framework of temporary staffing rely on feedback from clients for quality control. For this purpose, paper questionnaires can be sent out — or the process can be automated with Ninox.






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Customer profile

ms personal & service GmbH has been providing staffing services since 1989 and has locations in Berlin, Hamburg, Frankfurt and Munich. The "ms pflegepersonal" department is also located in the capital. There, the team around managing director Peter von der Ahé arranges nationwide qualified specialists from the nursing and geriatric care as well as the health service to more than 300 partners.


High manual effort with paper questionnaires

Good caregivers are in high demand. Often also as substitutes in the context of personnel leasing with several clients per month. To ensure the quality of the work, the team of ms pflegepersonal regularly conducts customer satisfaction surveys after the assignments. For a long time, paper questionnaires were sent to customers by mail for this purpose, which required a great deal of effort in manually recording and evaluating the feedback. On the other hand, filling out and returning the questionnaires was also very cumbersome for the recipients, resulting in a relatively low response rate. Therefore, a different, more efficient solution was to be found.

Thanks to Ninox, the response rate to customer surveys has increased by 100% and the effort required to process them has decreased significantly.

Peter von der Ahé


Automation with Ninox-based SaaS trio

With the support of 02100 Digital GmbH, a powerful solution for automating feedback processes was developed with the low-code platform Ninox, the integration tool Make (formerly Integromat) and the webpage construction kit Webflow. Webflow provides the questionnaires in digital form as a frontend on the company's own website. From there, they are automatically transferred to Ninox via Make, which is used to manage and evaluate all data. Conversely, personalized questionnaires can be generated and made available online from Ninox in a short time at the click of a mouse. The customer only needs the URL and can fill out the form quickly and conveniently in the web browser. The data is immediately available in Ninox, where it can be analyzed in a variety of ways without any manual intermediate steps.

Key Features
  • Performance tracking
  • Quality control
  • Feedback management


With Ninox and the integrated tools, the team around Peter von der Ahé has developed an individual database in a short time, which is easily accessible for every employee. A process that previously took several manual steps has been reduced to one click. Even reminder messages to customers are sent automatically after seven days. The advantages are obvious: On the one hand, the ms team saves an enormous amount of time in creating and distributing the questionnaires and also in recording and processing the returns. On the other hand, the effort for the addressees is also significantly lower, which has led to a doubling of the response rate. Moreover, the feedback comes much faster and can therefore also be processed promptly.

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