Digital sales processes — automation in the photovoltaic industry

Alexander Hottong from Oceans Real Estate Solutions GmbH (ORE-S) thought to get away from isolated software solutions - and said done! Join him on a journey through the digital sales process of a general contractor in the photovoltaic industry - solved in the Ninox software platform.






Integrations (Datev, MS, etc.)

Customer profile

ORE-S, official Ninox Premium Solution Partner, accompanies the digital transformation of companies and facilitates everyday work with automated processes. With Ninox, ORE-S develops individual software based on database-driven low-code technology. This allows the development of relational web applications in a short time. Low Code offers the possibility to individually develop and adapt the functions of underlying basic elements by code. This results in a well-founded software solution that adapts to the business process requirements and not vice versa. Accordingly, the software is suitable for companies in the project business or in strong growth phases that require flexibility.


Standard software unsuitable for a dynamic market environment

Frequently, company processes cannot be covered by standard products, as these cannot be flexibly adapted to company-specific conditions. This particularly affects companies in dynamic industries such as photovoltaics, where demand for solar systems is currently high. Accordingly, many companies rely on makeshift solutions in the form of Excel spreadsheets or Access databases for these tasks. On the one hand, this entails a lot of maintenance effort. On the other hand, it often results in isolated solutions, i.e., not meaningfully linked to the other business applications. This makes traceability difficult and creates intransparency or ignores efficiency gains due to digitization.

Based on the Ninox platform, we have developed a fully comprehensive ERP system for general contractors in the photovoltaic industry and solar installers, so that they can focus on their actual core business.

Alexander Hottong
Director & Partner


Fully comprehensive ERP for general contractors based on a flexible Ninox platform

Via the real estate industry, ORE-S came to serving companies in the solar industry rather by chance. Due to an existing customer and the profound Ninox competence, ORE-S was able to digitally map almost every business process of the photovoltaic customer. Whether the administration of orders and projects, contacts and addresses, articles, personnel, tasks or processes, plants and machines, offers and invoices, calculation or amortization calculation - with Ninox a custom-fit solution can be conjured for almost every of the customer concerns. In the meantime, a custom-fit and fully comprehensive ERP for general contractors in the photovoltaic industry has been created, which is already successfully used by several customers.

Key Features
  • Automated lead management
  • Digital project management
  • Sales Controlling


Intelligent automatisms and linked tables reduce redundant data entries. The connection of additional software systems can also be efficiently implemented using faktur:box-Robot. This avoids media discontinuities in data processing and massively reduces manual work. Until now, the development of new, custom-fit solutions has always been very time-consuming and expensive. With Ninox, your requirements and processes can be implemented digitally in a much shorter time than would be possible with classical programming. Even the development of executable prototypes for complex application scenarios can be done within a few days.

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