Edible giveaways from the 3D printer

Almost everyone likes chocolate. That's why the idea of using 3D printers to produce edible giveaways and decorative items made from chocolate offers vast potential. A master confectioner has turned this idea into reality under the chocolateü label. He manages his orders with a low-code solution.




3D printers



Customer profile

Benedikt Daschner is a master confectioner with a soft spot for technology. Out of interest, he privately experimented with processing chocolate in 3D printers in his living room at home. When the perfect solution was found, he set up his own business and has since been producing individual objects according to customer wishes under the chocolateü label, ranging from wedding decorations to giveaways for trade fairs and events.


Standard CRM tools unsuitable for requirements

chocolate³'s customers are mainly companies that have logos, slogans and product outlines produced from chocolate as eye-catching gifts. The quantities required are mostly in the three-figure range. In addition, chocolate greetings with ready-made motifs or individual texts can also be ordered through the online shop. Business at chocolateü got off to a good start. Benedikt Daschner initially used a CRM tool to keep track of contacts and inquiries, but it failed to meet his requirements. When looking for an alternative he remembered Ninox, which he had used to manage his recipes when he was a pastry chef.

With Ninox, we can do everything we failed to do with other tools.

Benedikt Daschner


Low-code maps complete workflow

Daschner started with a CRM template provided by Ninox, adapted it to his needs and imported his existing contacts. Together with a student trainee, he then developed the solution step by step. Of key importance is the inquiries module, which is linked to the contacts and maps the workflow from the initial contact to delivering the products in a simple way. For this purpose, a dynamic screen form was created that, depending on the status, displays additional data fields for further information. Production orders are clearly displayed in a Kanban view structured according to the work steps. Events, where chocolate³ has participated, are also managed, with links to the contacts made.

Key Features

  • CRM
  • Contact management
  • Order management


Like most Ninox users, Benedikt Daschner particularly appreciates being able to build and adapt his solution himself, piece by piece, exactly as he needs it. If a new idea or requirement arises during operational practice, it can be implemented promptly in-house. The often lengthy and costly coordination processes with external developers are completely eliminated. For example, switch fields were subsequently built in to mark certain processes as urgent and enable them to be filtered accordingly. Another advantage is Ninox's versatility and flexibility. For example, an applicant database for potential employees has additionally been set up, which can be accessed when personnel are needed. It is also planned to create an even better link to the accounting department.

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