Efficient data management in market research

Excel was holding TV and radio provider, Kantar, back from serious growth and efficiency improvements. With Ninox, they were able to find a whole new way of working that saved both time and resources.






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Customer profile

The Kantar Group is one of the world's leading companies for the collection, analysis and processing of data for market, political and social research purposes. The group is headquartered in London and employs around 25,000 people in 95 countries.

Kantar Switzerland AG, which specialises in the analysis of TV and radio consumption, is also part of the group.


Distribution of Excel files via Filehosting

Kantar uses the available data to produce regular overviews for its clients for media planning and success monitoring. These overviews are used by different people at different locations. Excel lists were created and stored on a file hosting server. However, the process proved to be tricky and inefficient in the long run. A better solution was needed.

Complex search and filter processes took 20 minutes in Excel spreadsheets. With Ninox, they now only take 2 minutes.

Patrick Rumo
Production Engineer


Central database instead of dispersed lists

In a relatively short time, Patrick used it to develop a custom solution that was precisely tailored to the requirements and processes at Kantar. It contains essential basic data of the participating households, as well as technical and organisational information on all relevant TV and radio channels. By intelligently linking the data with itself, a wide range of analyses can be carried out and exported in various formats.

Key Features
  • Central data storage
  • Report generation
  • Time saving


Required evaluations and reports can be created automatically at the touch of a button and exported in the desired format. The flexibility of Ninox also made it possible to save additional information for technical management. Currently, Kantar has 27 accounts that are also used with mobile iOS and Android end devices.

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