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There's no doubt about it: data protection is important. However, it causes a considerable amount of bureaucracy in companies. This work can be significantly reduced, however, with suitable software. It's great when developers and data protection experts work closely together on this. Such as with dsXprt.


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FS/CS GmbH is a management consultancy based in Nidda, Hesse. One of its main focus areas is data protection. Under the dsXprt label, Managing Director Falk Schmidt and his colleagues support SMEs throughout Germany in implementing the complex set of regulations in practice while also acting as external data protection officers.


Considerable manual effort required for managing data protection

Data protection has now become an issue of existential importance for many companies. Not only does the EU's General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) have to be taken into account, but also Germany's Federal Data Protection Act (BDSG). Violations can expose companies not only to high fines but also incalculable liability risks. Implementing the regulations in practice requires a large number of provisions and measures, which must also be regularly checked and documented in accordance with the regulations. In order to minimize the considerable effort required for this, dsXprt in conjunction with Ninox has developed a powerful all-in-one solution for managing data protection requirements based on practical experience.

Data protection is 80% common sense. Ninox does the rest.

Falk Schmidt
Managing Director


Central, database-supported all-in-one solution

The Ninox-based solution from dsXprt encompasses all areas of data protection management and also supports data protection-relevant business processes.  In addition to the important records of processing activities (RPAs), processors as well as technical and organizational measures (TOMs), it also includes contract management and task planning as well as numerous, always up-to-date sample data, documents and procedures. For example, in the case of data protection impact assessments (DPIAs), users are guided step by step through the process from the risk assessment to the finished report. Other functions such as erasure control and logging minimize operating errors and ensure a high level of data security. Thanks to Ninox's flexibility, the solution can be continuously updated and adapted to changing circumstances.

Key Features:
  • Document management
  • Task planning
  • Contract administration


The Ninox solution from dsXprt makes the legally compliant management of data protection requirements simple, transparent and efficient for companies of all types and sizes. It saves an enormous amount of time, significantly reduces the error rate, and ensures that all relevant documents are correct in terms of their content and can be fully retrieved at any time. Convenient, standardized forms and detailed step-by-step instructions make the complex issues comprehensible and facilitate data entry and maintenance.In close collaboration with their clients, Falk Schmidt and his colleagues have developed a mature, field-tested data protection management system that can also be licensed by other companies. In combination with dsXprt's technical know-how, this creates a comprehensive solution that leaves practically nothing to be desired.

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