Efficient inventory management for hospitals

The fast-paced nature of a medical clinic means there's not always time to make note of every single product used to treat a patient. CKMS used Ninox to find a simple solution that made sure nothing got forgotten.







Customer profile

The Surgical Hospital Munich South (CKMS) is a privately-run facility from the Artemed Group and a teaching hospital of Ludwig Maximilian University. Their specialities are diseases and injuries of bones and joints, cardiovascular diseases, and internal organ diseases. Dr Stefan Phillip is Senior Consultant for General and Visceral Surgery and Head of the Diagnostic and Interventional Endoscopy Department.


Lengthy procurement processes in everyday hospital life

Medical services often vary from case to case. There are therefore a large number of different medicines, materials, and instruments that must be ordered, stocked, and billed for each patient, requiring a lot of administrative effort. Although the CKMS has a modern hospital information system, Dr Philipp found the procurement processes tedious and inefficient due to low storage capacities and long delivery times. In addition, some of the resources used were simply forgotten while taking inventory and ended up not being accounted for. As a result, he was looking for a more efficient solution for his department.

With Ninox, every product used for treatment is immediately assigned to the patient. This means that nothing is forgotten during billing.

Dr. Stefan Philipp
Senior Consultant


Individual inventories save time and money

Dr Philipp already had experience with databases from previous jobs. However, conventional programming with SQL, PHP, and similar languages was too complicated and time-consuming for him. While looking for simpler options, he came across the low-code platform, Ninox. In just a short space of time, he had developed an individual article management system, with stock monitoring and an ordering system. All consumption of medicines, materials, and instruments are now recorded by the medical staff in real-time, directly within Ninox. That means that nothing gets forgotten. As an extra and unexpected plus, Dr Philipp also developed his own patient management system, which is linked to the inventory management system and corresponds with the clinic information system via barcodes.

Key Features
  • Medical Management
  • Patient Management
  • Inventory Management


With Ninox, Dr Philipp has created a software solution in a relatively short period of time. It's tailored precisely to the needs and processes of his department. The stocks of medicines, materials, and instruments are now under control at all times, without time-consuming manual checks on site. New or repeat orders can be triggered early on in the process and optimised in terms of quantity. Any consumption is immediately recorded and automatically assigned to the patient concerned. This ensures that stocks are always up to date and that no service item can be forgotten when billing.

The Ninox solution has been used in practice for several months now and has proven its worth. Currently, it is regularly used by 7 to 8 staff members of the department.

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