Founded with Excel, consolidated with Ninox

Many entrepreneurs and start-ups use standard software such as Excel, Word and Outlook to organize their company during the start-up phase. And they quickly reach their limits. BMA.Expert therefore decided early on to develop its own system with Ninox.


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Customer profile

Reiner Sanders is an expert in security technology. After 20 years of professional experience, he started his own business under the BMA.Expert label at the beginning of 2020. As a certified design consultant for fire alarms, voice alarms, and access control, he supports his clients in designing and implementing security systems. In addition, he also works as a lecturer in training fire protection officers.


Many tasks, various tools, considerable effort

If you start your own business, you have to completely organize yourself and build up your own infrastructure. Reiner Sanders started out like many others with Word, Excel, Outlook, and PDF forms. This worked reasonably well but was very time-consuming. Sanders, therefore, began looking for an alternative that could automate administrative tasks to a greater extent and process them much more efficiently. He also wanted to be able to use mobile end devices on-site at clients' premises and on construction sites. During his research, he came across Ninox, and after a short test, he decided to develop a customized solution with the low-code platform.

Thanks to Ninox, I can now fully focus on the profitable processes in my business.

Reiner Sanders


Individual all-in-one solution instead of Excel, Word & Co

Since Reiner Sanders was fully occupied with his business right from the start but wanted to progress quickly with his solution, he brought a Ninox partner on board for support. Thus, in a relatively short time, a software application was created that covered all important activities and was precisely tailored to BMA.Expert's needs and processes. All data on clients, services, and projects are now stored centrally in a database, meaningfully linked together, and can be accessed at any time at the touch of a button. Quotations and invoices can be created much faster and, thanks to automatic reminder functions, can also be kept on track. Even business letters are now very efficiently created directly in Ninox using templates and automatically assigned to clients.

Key Features
  • Quote generation
  • Invoicing
  • Project management


Reiner Sanders' most important goal when developing his organizational solution was to keep the effort required for all administrative tasks as low as possible so as to enable him to focus on productive activities. This goal has been entirely achieved, the time saved in creating offers and invoices as well as in project management is enormous. In addition, the work has also become much easier. Thanks to Ninox Cloud, Reiner Sanders no longer has to manually synchronize data between different computers or carry around a notebook, but can conveniently access all information on-site with an iPad or iPhone. The development of a comparable solution with conventional programming tools would have been much more time-consuming and expensive.

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