Groq uses an integrated ecosystem of applications on a single platform

Groq, a disruptive tech-company, reduced the need for point solutions by aggregating internal information to a coherent story on the Ninox platform. The customized solution was solely designed inhouse according to the specific requirements and workflows of the company and continuously improved. Today, Groq is benefiting from superior knowledge management at all times as well efficiencies in various areas.


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Customer profile

Groq is a highly innovative fabless semiconductor company founded in 2016 that delivers accelerators using the TSP architecture for HPC and AI applications. The company delivers a cutting-edge tensor steaming processor (TSP) architecture that enables developers to obtain top compute density, a simple deployment process and highly predictable performance. Groq employs approximately 220 employees and was recognized by Frost & Sullivan with the Technology Innovation Leadership Award 2022 for its sophisticated processor architecture technology. Groq has raised $367 million to date, with Series C funding co-led by D1 Capital and Tiger Global Management.


When it comes to software, Groq does not compromise

If a company strives to disrupt the world, such as Groq, it requires an outstanding team, wise management of scarce resources, as well as razor-sharp workflows and processes. At Groq, it was the Director of Technical Program Management who was the critical success factor in terms of internal software selection connecting the respective dots. He was at the right time at the right place envisioning data transparency and a consistent knowledge basis for the entire company at all times. Obviously, nothing was left to chance. After having carefully evaluated the vendors’ low-code space, Groq finally opted for Ninox. This was due to the fact that the Ninox platform allowed for many to many relationships, excelled with its ease-of-use and speed to design an application, as well as the possibility to reuse and repurpose data - which were all must-have requirements for Groq.

Ninox gives us the ability to build an entirely integrated ecosystem of applications on a single platform instead of relying on IT to sew together multiple point solutions over which we have little or no control.

Vladimir Bathory
Director Technical Program Management, Ninox Champion


One place where all data and information is digested and connected to one coherent story

Actually, the Director Technical Program Management designed and implemented the solution himself. Certainly, it was of great help that the creator combined the technical expertise of a low-code platform, such as Ninox, with the specific commercial requirements of Groq. He solely and rapidly designed without the support of corporate IT an integrated solution in one platform. Use cases and automated workflows in the complete solution include master data recording, issue tracking system, recruiting, input for payroll, reporting, for instance, to name just a few of the processes covered. Today, all Groq employees use Ninox linking all internal departments. Thus, there is no other ERP in place. Today, Ninox is not the single source of truth of everything within Groq but the place where all data and information is digested and connected to one coherent story.

Key Features
  • Knowledge management
  • Project- & task management
  • Issue ticketing system


Ninox is a complete software suite allowing to craft one agile platform to reflect modern digital workflows. In brief, the flexible platform offers everything needed from a developer’s perspective. Thus, the advantages are manifold in the case of Groq. First and foremost, the company benefits from the superior and transparent knowledge management. Moreover, no point solutions exist anymore, everything is tied together via Make (formerly Integromat), as well as APIs. All internal data is aggregated and reused several times according to the needs of various departments. Hence, employees have quickly access to all relevant information and data silos do not exist. Additional efficiencies are obtained by the flexibility and speed to gradually adjust the solution to Groq’s needs. Lastly, the involvement of IT department is limited, be it for the implementation of the solution or the maintenance of the platform. So overall, Groq is ensuring a lean and state-of-the-art organizational set-up allowing the team to focus on the critical core processes.

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