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MMH had a lot of difficulty in keeping track of all its patient records due to the paper-based registration system. With the Ninox SaaS platform tracking health assessment and quarterly records, KPIs, and Orphan and Vulnerable health care records are now more precise and faster.


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Customer profile

Mulanje Mission Hospital (MMH) provides public health and primary care services to around 80,000 people living in 72 villages in the catchment area of Mulanje. Patients from across Mulanje district and much further visit MMH for outpatient, inpatient, and HIV/AIDS services.


Tracking records was complex for attain accurate statistics

The Hospital, led by the medical director, was keen to improve the way that they worked to improve record-keeping and patients care. They had been using a very cumbersome paper-based patient registration system to record important information including health assessment records and benefits records, together with benefits tracking. At the end of each quarter staff would spend two weeks combing through the various registries at each remote location to produce the statistics required to measure performance against 37 KPIs.

With Ninox on iPad we can track metrics of over 600 children much more effectively. It enables us to identify children and their caretakers with a photo.

Dr. Arie Glas
Medical Director


SaaS platform for greater mobility

Ninox is a Software as a Service (SaaS) platform which is really easy to operate ‘out of the box’ with no programming skills required, although the hospital did benefit from additional support setting up and developing the platform for data entry and reporting. Ninox is a completely flexible product and is accessed by four staff at the hospital using iPads. The ability for Ninox to work offline has been invaluable with the limited connectivity in the region.ʼ

Key Features
  • KPIs tracking
  • Report generation
  • Medicine management


With the new system, the hospital can retrieve an OVC past health assessments in seconds and the records are much more accurate. Previously this was a time-consuming manual process reviewing the paper registry.

The application is also used to track 37 key performance indicators that are reported quarterly to the board of directors. These reports, which used to take 2-weeks to prepare are now ready in minutes.

The biggest and most important improvement is the ability to flag OVCs based on World Health Organization (WHO) growth statistics.

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