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Does the fact that business software is also used by private individuals speak against its professional use? Not at all. In Ninox's case, it rather goes to prove that the technical and financial entry barriers are very low indeed.






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Customer profile

Jerry-Louis Ruff is an enthusiastic amateur photographer from Mainfranken. He mainly photographs the rural landscapes close to his home, continually discovering exciting and new facets of the surrounding nature when out and about on long walks. In addition to nature and landscape photography, his other main subject areas include animal, architecture, macro and night photography as well as "fractal landscapes". Jerry is active in two photography organizations as a national representative for Germany.


Lots of data – Excel, Access & Co. too complicated

Jerry is active in several international photography organizations, regularly participates in competitions and has won many prizes in the process. He is also a juror himself. The more intense his competition activities became, the more urgent the need for software to keep track of them: competitions, dates, subject matter, submitted pictures and rankings. Unfortunately, the search for a suitable solution remained unsuccessful, and even the German Association of Photography (DVF) couldn't suggest anything when prompted for recommendations. For several years, Jerry tried in vain to develop his own solution using Excel and Access. Then he came across Ninox.

We are all connected. To each other, biologically. To the earth, chemically. To the rest of the universe atomically.

Ralf Spaceman
Managing Director


Via low-code to the individual database solution

Ninox offered Jerry exactly the possibilities he had been looking for as a non-programmer. As a database it was vastly superior to Excel, as a low-code platform it was at the same time much easier to use than Access and, unlike Access, it was available on various platforms. And so, over time, he developed a solution to manage all his photographic activities: photos, shooting locations and categories, competitions, entries and national and international successes. The most important statistics are clearly displayed on a dashboard. In addition, he can also log the photos in numerous ways according to the motifs, countries, shooting locations and years. An extended version for photography clubs also includes functions for managing memberships, accounting as well as additional evaluations and statistics.

Key Features:

  • Master data maintenance
  • Appointment management
  • Statistics


As a private individual, Jerry-Louis Ruff has created a solution with Ninox that, based on his personal needs, enables him to organize his diverse activities as a hobby photographer, competitor and judge. It shows him at any time when a competition was previously held on which theme, which pictures he submitted and how they were ranked. This prevents him, for example, from accidentally submitting the same image twice over in competitions.Since there seems to be no ready-made software for this very specific area, Jerry has always had other hobby photographers, clubs and organizations in mind, who could use his solution as a basis and easily adapt it to their requirements if necessary. Either with the Mac app or Ninox Cloud. He is open to corresponding inquiries.

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