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Industry solutions cover many of the typical needs required in any specific area. But what happens when your own processes and requirements simply don't fit the prescribed formula? An individual solution must then be found. Thanks to low-code, this is also feasible for non-programmers.




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Valere is a private psychosomatic clinic for intensive short-term therapy. Located in the scenic surroundings of the southern Black Forest, it offers quick yet lasting help for stress, burnout and similar mental illnesses. To ensure that the clinic can fully devote itself to each patient with daily individual therapies, it has limited its capacity to 12 therapy places.


Small clinic – high administrative burden

The team at the Valere Clinic comprises seven medical specialists and additional staff for housekeeping, kitchen and administration. The therapy modules usually last 13 days. To enable the clinic to use this time as efficiently as possible and personally cater for each individual patient in the best possible way, precise preparation is required. From the initial contact to the final consultation, all activities must also be carefully documented. Administrative Director Thomas Vahldieck was looking for a flexible software solution to organize the processes. Initial attempts with Filemaker ultimately failed due to the complexity of the software program. Then he came across Ninox.

So far, I've not encountered any problems that I couldn't solve with Ninox.

Thomas Vahldieck
Administrative Director


One solution for all clinic areas

After a short test phase, Thomas Vahldieck was clear: Ninox is the software he had been looking for. He started with a small sub-project and, over time, continued to expand his solution into a clinic management system that now maps almost all operational and therapy-related processes at Valere: ranging from the correspondence and consultation logs to scheduling staff and therapy modules, to maintaining contact with external specialists, therapists and trainees. The various therapy steps as far as the final evaluation are also fully documented with Ninox, and the kitchen and housekeeping areas are also included in the overall solution.

Key Features:

  • Patient management
  • Therapy module planning
  • Billing (statutory/priate health insurance)


The more efficient the administration, the more time there is for the patients. Thomas Vahldieck developed his clinic solution with this maxim in mind. With Ninox, he was able to proceed step-by-step as a non-programmer and adapt his application time and again during ongoing operations to accord with the conditions in practice. Right from the beginning, it was important to him that the solution should be easy to use for all employees. Not just in the clinic, but also when working from home. That's why Thomas Vahlendieck opted for the cloud version of Ninox. Rights management ensures that each user only has access to the data they are authorized to see. The development process is, however, by no means finished. The Ninox solution for the Valere Clinic is constantly being expanded, optimized and adapted to new requirements.

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