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Round2 Capital Partners is an alternative investment fund based in Vienna, which finances innovative growth companies in their next expansion steps and supports them with key expertise. In contrast to other forms of financing, where the investor takes over shares of the company, Round2 Capital offers a turnover-oriented financing without company participation. The amount of the repayments varies according to the cash flow of the borrower.


Hitting the limit with Excel

New business models also bring new approaches, tools, and processes with them. Round2 Capital supports its portfolio companies while they take important steps in their growth. This requires not only intensive communication but also continuous tracking and reporting of the key economic figures of the capital seekers. As there was no suitable standard software available for Round2 Capital's specific needs, they first kicked things off using Excel tables. With each new portfolio company, however, the effort involved increased exponentially. Therefore, an alternative to Excel had to be found that could be adapted to the company's own processes and scaled efficiently. The name of this solution was Ninox.

Ninox not only helps us to map our processes, but also to constantly rethink and optimize them.

Stefan Nagel


Efficient portfolio management with Ninox

The Ninox solution, developed in-house by Round2 Capital, now covers significantly more tasks than was previously possible with the Office programs. All master data is now centrally stored in one place and can be easily maintained. The regular collection of key figures is also far easier and prone to fewer errors with Ninox. The data is always up-to-date, changes can be made at any workstation and can be easily tracked. The standardized tracking and reporting thus provides the necessary reliability, ensures transparency at the push of a button, and enables secure evaluations. Certain communication processes with the portfolio companies are also mapped with Ninox.

Key features
  • Reporting
  • Tracking
  • Excel-Alternative


With Ninox, the standard processes of Round2 Capital's day-to-day business are handled much more efficiently. They are also constantly being further optimized. It was important to those responsible that the software used can be scaled flexibly and adapted to the company's processes at any time. With Ninox, new ideas and requirements can be implemented directly in-house, without having to rely on external developers. The simplification and automation of processes has led to a significantly reduced error rate and therefore a more reliable database.

Currently, four users at Round2 Capital are working with Ninox Cloud, two of whom are actively developing the solution. However, it is planned to involve additional partners and employees.

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