Prefab House Manufacturer Relies on Low-Code

As one of the biggest prefab housing manufacturers in Europe, KAMPA has grown quickly in recent years - and the number of construction projects has grown too. Soon, it was no longer possible to organise their project management using Excel, so KAMPA made the switch to Ninox.




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KAMPA is one of the largest prefab house manufacturers in Europe. Based in the Swabian town of Aalen, the company has experienced strong growth recently and has more than 500 employees in several production and distribution locations across various countries. KAMPA views energy-efficient construction as standard and has built several hundred houses every year according to the ‘Self-Sufficiency Concept’.


Construction Projects Outgrowing Excel

Construction projects are complicated. When you have a hundred of them going in at the same time and in different countries, then the project management involved becomes an even bigger challenge. For a long time, KAMPA used Excel tables but, due to a lack of central storage, complicated data entry, and limited automation, increasing order volumes led to frequently outdated, incorrect, or incomplete information as the system struggled to cope. A more efficient alternative to Excel had to be found: one that was not only able to cope with increasing project volumes, but could also contribute to improving the processes in qualitative terms.

Before we had even explained what we wanted to an external developer, we had already found a solution with Ninox.

Peter Fazekas
Technology Division Manager


A Central Project Database with Ninox

Ninox had already been used at KAMPA to document construction defects. The company’s solid knowledge and experience of the low-code database’s performance potential made the decision to have it also cover all project management an easy one.

And so KAMPA developed a project database with Ninox in house, which supports all processes, from receipt of contracts to the handover of the house itself. This also included the complex construction site management with precise scheduling, personnel, and material dispositions, as well as problem and status updates. All project participants stay up-to-date at all times. KAMAP relies on Ninox Cloud, with around 200 users from all departments involved currently. In the future, regular suppliers will also be integrated into the system and a test phase with architects is running at the moment.

Key Features
  • Process management
  • Task management
  • Product data management


The Ninox solution for project and site management brought KAMPA a high increase in efficiency. Not only is time saved, but the data is also much more reliable. Thanks to simple, clear forms and the ability to collect and evaluate all the information directly from the site of production, the quality and timeliness of the data has greatly increased. Project managers now have a precise view of every single one of their projects, so any problems are immediately visible and can be solved promptly. Managers can also carry out high-level evaluations for business decisions. In addition, the precise mapping of process steps in Ninox also makes it easier to onboard new employees.

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