Optimising processes in real estate management

Many companies don't get along well with prescribed, commonly-used industry solutions. And they don't want to invest in expensive, lengthy adaptations that might already be out of date by tomorrow. That's why Oceans Real Estate Management relies on Ninox.







Customer profile

"The art of property management" - with this statement, Oceans Real Estate Management GmbH (ORE-M) makes it clear that they offer more than classic property management. From Mannheim in the metropolitan Rhine-Neckar region, the company sees itself as a modern full-service partner for residential and commercial property owners. They outsource cleaning and construction services to subsidiaries or joint ventures.


Isolated solutions for different business areas

Service charge statements, rent payments, tradesman orders - this is the day-to-day business of real estate management. ORE-M also offers their clients sound property management advice and support beyond technical and organisational management. There are industry solutions for each area of business, but they were too inflexible to be adapted to ORE-M's specific processes. For a long time, they improvised with Office documents, email, and various web-based tools. Then Lucas Falter, one of the managing directors at ORE-M, heard about Ninox via an entrepreneur friend.

With Ninox, we finally understood what digitalization actually means for the first time.

Lucas Falter
Partner and Board Member


Real estate management according to type of house

Being able to easily set up data forms according to one's own needs and linking them with each other as desired with Ninox opened up completely new perspectives for Lucas Falter and ORE-M. The basic to-do list quickly became a project management solution with ticket-based tradesman orders, appointment management, and project-related time tracking. Quotations and invoices are now also created through Ninox and automatically sent by email directly from the program. Invitations to owners' meetings can also be sent automatically, along with the agenda. The minutes of the meeting are created directly within Ninox and sent to the participants in a timely manner. These are just a few examples of how ORE-M switched up their organisation with Ninox. The cloud-based solution is used in all three companies as well as by some external partners.

Key Features
  • Real estate management
  • Document management
  • Project management


Ninox has completely changed the communication and processes at ORE-M. Instead of having various software tools and countless individual files in different places, there is now one central application where all the data is managed. The number of individual emails and telephone calls has dropped significantly. This not only saves an enormous amount of time, but also increases the reliability and availability of the data and enables quick decision-making. Clients and partners both benefit from this. Some of them were so impressed by the solution that they asked ORE-M for individual solutions for their own needs. This is one of the reasons why one employee's role is now fully focused on development with Ninox, along with Lucas Falter. ORE-M is planning further expansion stages, made possible by the versatility of Ninox.

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