Service and flexibility as success factors

Flexibility as a unique selling point. Whether business stationery, personalized mailings, labels or telephone directories: the customers' requirements are often very specific. No problem for Bechtel Druck. With Ninox, even the most unusual challenges are mastered.






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Customer profile

Bechtel Druck GmbH & Co. KG is a full-service printing company in Ebersbach an der Fils. The FSC-certified company was founded in the year 2000 and currently employs 46 people. Its range of services extends from prepress and climate-neutral production in digital and offset printing to further processing and logistics. The group of companies also includes a calendar and a telephone directory publisher.


Order diversity cannot be efficiently mapped with Excel & Co.

As a modern full-service provider, Bechtel produces not only all kinds of traditional business stationery but also very special media and publications such as personalized mailings, individual labels, annual calendars, or even the regional editions of "Das Örtliche" telephone directories. For each order, customer-specific data and processes have to be taken into account that cannot be mapped with the standardized formats provided by industry solutions. Bechtel, therefore, improvised for a long time with Excel tables and similar tools, but this was unsatisfactory in the long run. In the search for a solution, Managing Director Wolfgang Bangert then came across Ninox.

For us, Ninox is frontend, backend, and middleware at the same time – and is therefore at the center when digitalizing our processes.

Wolfgang Bangert
Managing Director


One system – many solutions

With Ninox, Bechtel now has a flexible tool that can be used to develop an individual solution for every problem. To handle print jobs, Ninox was connected via API to Enfocus Switch, a leading software for automating work steps in media production, which among other things generates print-ready PDF files and, in turn, returns data to Ninox. Services before and after production are also mapped with Ninox. For example, Bechtel not only prints the publication for a magazine publisher, but also manages the subscribers. When printing labels for a well-known carpet manufacturer, data is regularly transferred from their SAP system. And the telephone directory data is regularly updated via XML. Ninox plays a key role in all of these.

Key Features
  • Order management
  • Digitalization
  • Subscriber management


With Ninox, Bechtel has developed not just one solution, but several that are optimized for the respective task. The acceptance, management and processing of orders have thus become much more efficient. Even non-standardized products and services can now be conveniently mapped and adapted to the wishes and requirements of the respective customers. Some of these clients even have their own access with frontends specially developed for them for recording order data.Bechtel uses the Ninox Cloud with around 60 licenses. Managing Director Wolfgang Bangert and several employees do the development work themselves. They know the practical processes and requirements best and can make adjustments at any time, implement new requirements and keep optimizing the system.

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