Berlin-based low-code provider Ninox presents new partner program

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Our platform, your potential.

Low-code specialist Ninox introduced a new partner program in March 2023 and is now strengthening cooperation with IT service providers. The Ninox Academy, a solutions coaching program and joint sales/marketing campaigns are part of the new program for partner sales.

In a world characterized by constant change, we firmly believe in the transformative power of low-code technology. The ability to design, digitize and optimize individual processes effortlessly is the key to success in the modern business world. But behind this freedom is often the need for experts who not only understand the technology, but also the challenges and dynamics of various industries. This is where our partners come in.

In spring 2023, we consolidated our long-term corporate strategy and have been working with over 150 partners from 21 countries ever since. Together, we are not only digitizing hundreds of companies, but also revolutionizing entire industries. Ninox offers the modern platform, our partners unleash their full potential.

At our partner event in 2023, our entire network came together to exchange ideas.

The Ninox Partner Program in detail

The partner program is aimed at IT service providers in Germany, Austria and Switzerland who want to offer their customers modern, tailor-made solutions for digitization. With Ninox, IT service providers are expanding their product portfolio with a powerful low-code platform and can create a wide range of individualized applications such as CRM, ERP, BPM, etc. for their customers in a very short time.

Frank Böhmer, founder and CEO of Ninox, said:

“Our platform enables our partners to offer individual solutions instead of standard software and to operate them permanently for their customers. This means high customer loyalty and long-term relationships in a dynamic market that will continue to grow driven by digitization efforts.”

According to Gartner, by 2026, around three quarters of all new applications will be built using low-code technologies. With Ninox, IT service providers can benefit from this trend, which leads to greater flexibility and lower development costs.

New sales strategy for growth and customer success

Tim Genkinger, Partner Manager at Ninox explains:

“In a rapidly growing SaaS/Cloud market, medium-sized companies quickly lose track of things. That is why we have decided to place partnerships with IT service providers at the center of our sales strategy: They offer SMEs orientation and the necessary support to digitize processes. ”

The partner program is an essential part of the new growth strategy and promotes the success of customer projects. They are the link between Ninox and users and help with their Industry expertise in evaluating and implementing new use cases — and make full use of Ninox's potential. With this approach, Ninox is currently growing particularly strongly in the construction industry and the photovoltaic sector, among others.

This is what partners can expect at Ninox

With the Ninox Partner Program, partners enjoy a whole range of important benefits. Ninox has revised the partner levels, which are now much more based on the respective partner profile and potential. New partners have access to the Ninox Academy and are supported by the solution team with individual coaching. It then continues with partner sales training and the planning of joint marketing measures and outbound campaigns in order to address new customers together.

Our partners are as diverse as our solution.

Here are the most important innovations and benefits in the new partner program in a nutshell:

  • Up to 30% discount for partners on new business and renewals
  • Joint marketing & outbound activities
  • Redirecting new customers to match the partner profile
  • Solutions coaching to build the first two finished solutions
  • Ninox Academy for quick onboarding
  • Regular updates and appointments to share news and provide technical assistance

Ninox partner Sebastian Kalberg, managing director of DV digital vereinfacht GmbH, said:

“Thanks to Ninox, as civil engineers, we can quickly and easily map and expand almost all requirements of a construction company in one system. ”

You will also have access to our annual partner eventto exchange ideas with other partners. We are also organising lectures and panel discussions on the two days. You'll receive exclusive news about Ninox and be inspired by other solutions from our partners. Impressions from the partner event 2023 See it elsewhere on our blog.

Want to become a Ninox Partner?

Interested IT service providers can find out more about other aspects of a partnership from the Ninox partner team. You can find more information on the Subpage on the topic “Become a partner”.

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