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Exciting times lie ahead for Ninox users as we gear up to unveil release 3.12 on Mai 2, 2024. Packed with a variety of enhancements aimed at improving the user experience, this release promises more customization options and greater control over your workspace. Discover how the new features can unleash your creativity and optimize your workflow.

Ninox CEO Frank Böhmer introduced the new features of Ninox 3.12 in the preview webinar. You can watch the recording below.

Vibrant colors: Expanded color selection

Ideal for those seeking versatility and individuality, the expanded color palette offers a more vibrant world of colors.

Use one of the 24 preset colors or pick any color from your screen: Ninox 3.12 extends your creative horizons and offers endless possibilities for visual customization.

Whether HSL, RGB, HEX, or CSS colors, achieving the perfect hue has never been easier. Our intuitive color picker simplifies the selection process and allows you to effortlessly pick colors from anywhere on your screen with real-time previews.

New icons for intuitive operation: optimized icon selection

Access over 3,000 new icons tailored to a variety of business needs. Whether you prefer the simplicity of outline icons or the boldness of filled icons, our expanded icon library ensures you have the visual elements you need to bring your projects to life. The new search function makes the icon selection more compact and clearer.

Customize colors and weights to seamlessly integrate the icons into your brand aesthetic and design requirements. Thanks to efficient search functions and a clear interface, you'll find the perfect icon in no time.

📌Please note:  We’ve included an icon mapping guide in the release documentation to help you address any potential visibility changes seamlessly.

See only what you want to see: Manage page visibility

Optimize your workspace by hiding or showing pages. Gaining control over your workspace by toggling pages on and off lets you tidy up your interface or focus on specific tasks. With a checkbox, you can choose which pages remain visible or hidden, creating a more organized and efficient workspace.

Managepage visibility in Ninox: Check hidden page

📌 Detailed information on these and all other new features can be found in the release notes available on Mai 2.

Styled Excel sheet for better reporting

With Ninox's new CreateXLSX function, you can seamlessly transfer complex data directly from your Ninox database into customized Excel files.

This feature is perfect for exporting data, presenting reports, or sharing information with other departments.

The CreateXLSX function enables you to create an .xlsx file with customizable content and multiple sheets:

  • Multi-sheet capabilities: organize various data sets across multiple spreadsheets within a single Excel file.
  • Dynamically assign data to different sheets: Automate the distribution of your data across the different sheets based on your specific requirements.
  • Enhanced customization: style colums, rowsand cells to meet specific needs and name your sheets according to the information they contain for better clarity and accessibility

This feature enhances your ability to precisely organize and present complex data sets appealingly. By creating professionally styled reports, it helps you further optimize your work processes and improve communication within your company.

Release preview webinar: Experience Ninox 3.12 in action

Ninox CEO Frank Böhmer introduced the new features of Ninox 3.12 in the preview webinar. You can watch the recording here:

📌 For a comprehensive overview—check out the Ninox 3.12 release notes

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