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We would like to sincerely thank you for being a part of the Ninox community. Our goal is to provide you with the best tools and features to support your team to the fullest. The Ninox team works tirelessly to continuously improve our platform and make working with Ninox even more enjoyable.

In this blog post, we would like to introduce you to the new features and improvements of the current releases.

This new version of Ninox brings exciting features and improvements that further enhance the user experience and simplify compliance-oriented data management:

  • Features for enhanced data management: creatable if and deletable if

The new features creatable if and deletable if allow you to define conditions under which records can be created or deleted. This provides a more precise level of control and reduces the risk of accidental deletions. Customize conditions for creating and deleting records to tailor your workflows to your company's specific requirements. Reduce security concerns by controlling who can create and delete data. This gives you greater control over data flow, access, and processes within your organization.

You can read more about the creatable if and deletable if function on another page in our blog.

  • Multi-file uploads (attachments)

We understand the importance of efficiently uploading files into your database. With Ninox 3.11, you can now easily upload multiple files simultaneously. This feature is especially valuable for employees on the go, working with mobile devices, whether during on-site visits or while working offline without an internet connection.

  • New colors for better visibility

Adjusted color display in the Ninox settings to achieve better visibility for users with a visual impairment. To improve readability, some changes have been made to the layout. We have also updated the colors in the chart widgets.

  • Automated database reconnection

With the modularity introduced in Ninox 3.10, users gained the ability to create relationships between databases and link tables from different databases within a workspace. This eliminated the need for manual data replication across multiple databases when sharing information with different parts of the organization. However, users had to manually reconnect their databases when switching workspaces.

With Ninox 3.11, you can establish connections between modules in different workspaces, and existing relationships between databases are automatically restored when changing workspaces. This provides you with a reliable, automated solution, eliminating the need for manual intervention and resulting in significant time and effort savings. It makes using data across databases and workspaces easier.

All in one: more control, efficiency, and flexibility with Ninox 3.11

With Ninox 3.11, you gain advanced data management features that offer you more control and efficiency. You can minimize security risks, increase the flexibility of your data management, and ensure precise control over the creation and deletion of records. These innovations are a significant step towards an even better user experience and more efficient workflow

📌 You can find all further information in the release notes, and you can watch the recording of the preview webinar where Ninox CEO Frank Böhmer introduces the new features of Ninox 3.11:

Ninox 3.10 highlights: Pages, modularity and more

Ninox 3.10 at a glance: These are the highlights


👉 Pages

Pages enable the creation of comprehensive application interfaces and dashboards. Without the standard navigation elements, Ninox developers have a greater degree of control over the user experience.


👉 Modularity

With Modularity, users can establish relationships between two different databases, and link tables from distinct databases within a single workspace.


👉 Mailhook

With Mailhook, you can directly receive emails in your dedicated Ninox mailbox. It's now easier to manage these emails in Ninox, and link them to contacts and workflows.


📌 To make the most of these features, consider upgrading to the Enterprise plan from Ninox.

📌 For a comprehensive overview of the update, including detailed explanations of the new features, please take a look at the release notes. Learn more about the new features in Version 3.10 in this video recording:

Are you up to date? This was Release 3.9

These are the new features that were added with the last version, Ninox 3.9:

👉 Process Monitor

The Process Monitor helps developers gain valuable insight into their activities. This feature is exclusively available in the Private Cloud.

👉 Ninox Settings

The Admin Portal makes managing your account easier and more efficient. The goal of the Admin Portal is to bundle all overarching administrative functions such as user management and server configuration in one central location. You can read the release notes here (available in English).

Watch this video to know more about these improvements and features:

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