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Tips for the right software for invoices

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With advancing digitalization, companies are faced with the challenge of optimizing their work processes and adapting to growing requirements. Particularly in the area of accounting, the use of efficient software to create invoices is becoming increasingly indispensable.

In this blog post, we highlight the key criteria that such software should meet in order to meet the changing needs of modern companies. Do you want to write invoices and are looking for the right program? Then you've come to the right place.

What is digital invoice management?

In the age of digitization, digital invoice management (including billing system or invoicing software) is becoming increasingly important. These terms describe the use of specialized software solutions to automate and optimize the entire invoicing process. The integration of invoicing software and billing systems enables companies to digitally manage the entire life cycle of an invoice.

Modern invoicing software includes not only the electronic creation of invoices, but also the administration of customer data, the automatic generation of accounting records and monitoring the payment status. An invoicing system goes one step further by not only automating invoicing but also covering the entire invoicing process, including offer and order management. Many companies are therefore looking for a program for invoices and offers.

Ein Taschenrechner, eine Brille und ein Stift auf einem Schreibtisch. Alles bereit zum Rechnungen schreiben und der Suche nach dem richtigen Programm.
Writing invoices is a manual process that a program can automate for you.

Invoicing software offers these advantages

Especially in smaller companies, software for invoices is still often created using Microsoft Excel or Word. The problem, however, lies in the high incidence of errors. Wrong prices are quickly entered or the customer's address is incorrect.

In addition, invoices are buzzing around locally on the desktop and are not stored in compliance with GDPR. This won't happen to you with a digital program for writing invoices. The advantages of creating your invoices online and using a suitable program for this are:

  • They make fewer mistakes.
  • You save resources (time, costs and paper).
  • Invoice management is faster and more efficient.
  • Invoice management is more transparent.
  • Invoices and offers are managed in accordance with data protection regulations.

You should pay attention to this when choosing your software for invoices

Want a simple invoicing program? When looking for the right billing software, there are a few criteria to consider. First, be aware of your own requirements. Identify your previous billing process and identify where there is a need for optimization.

cloud storage

Powerful software for invoicing offers the option of securely storing invoices in the cloud and thus also creating an invoice online. This allows easy access from anywhere, anytime. Cloud storage also ensures that data is automatically backed up, minimizing the risk of data loss.

data security

Security is paramount when it comes to managing invoices. Reliable software should use advanced encryption technologies to ensure the confidentiality of sensitive information. Regular updates and security patches are other important aspects to close potential security gaps for your invoices.

Integrated contact database

An efficient program for writing invoices should offer an integrated contact database in which all relevant information about customers and suppliers is stored centrally. This not only simplifies the invoicing process, but also enables effective communication and customer management. Software suitable for creating invoices can also be used by employees, for example for payroll. In this case, too, it is a good idea to use the create personnel files directly in the software to be able to.

Automated invoicing

Another key advantage of modern software for invoices is automated invoicing. Invoices can be generated and sent automatically using predefined templates and rules. This not only saves time but also minimizes the risk of errors due to manual intervention.

Zwei Frauen unterhalten sich in einem Büro und sprechen über das neue Programm zum Rechnung schreiben.
With an invoice writing program, employee satisfaction also increases because there is more time for other tasks.

Invoice tracking

The ability to easily track invoices is another important feature. Modern software solutions enable companies to monitor the status of outstanding invoices, track incoming payments and send automatic payment reminders. This contributes to liquidity planning and efficient receivables management.


Companies are subject to constant changes and phases of growth. Good software for invoices should therefore be scalable and easy to adapt to growing requirements. This enables companies to react flexibly to changes without having to redesign their entire billing infrastructure.

Integration with accounting software (such as DATEV)

Seamless integration with accounting software is another key factor. Companies often rely on external accounting systems such as DATEV, and good software for invoices should enable a smooth connection to these systems. An integrated accounting interface facilitates data exchange and prevents redundant data entries, making bookkeeping more efficient and accurate.

High waste of resources when invoicing manually

Manual invoicing has various disadvantages and leads to a significant waste of resources in companies. Susceptibility to errors, time-consuming processes, and lack of traceability are just a few of the challenges that can arise when invoicing manually.

Disadvantages of manual invoicing:

  • Susceptibility to errors due to manual data entry
  • Delays due to complex paper documents
  • Difficulties in tracking payment status
  • High time and cost

Create an invoice online with the right software

In order to meet the challenges of manual invoicing, switching to suitable software for online invoicing is crucial. Such solutions not only offer efficiency, but also a wide range of functions that optimize the entire invoicing process.

With Ninox, you kill several birds with one stone. You have the option to manage a CRM, ERP and HR system in a central database. They have stored all contact details, product features and prices centrally and can transfer them directly to their invoices. Create offers and invoices in no time at all and automate your financial accounting process through DATEV integration.

Ninox is more than just a database. Thanks to many great features, you can also use it to automatically create and print invoices.

Die Interface to DATEV accounting software enables you to securely transfer your invoices. With software for invoices, you save valuable time and also promote seamless collaboration with your customers.

Conclusion: Always write invoices with a program

The requirements for software for invoices are varied, but the right solution can create significant added value for your company. Digital invoice management not only offers efficiency and accuracy, but also helps to conserve resources and optimize business processes. With software such as Ninox, which offers a seamless DATEV interface, you can take your billing processes to a new level and benefit from the benefits of digitization.

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