Law firm software — efficient, resource-saving and flexible

Digital mandate management without paperwork

Rethink document management in legal transactions and create your files and mandates digitally in a central platform. With Ninox's flexible law firm software, you don't have to push your processes into industry-typical standards. Benefit from a ready-made template and adapt the tool — where necessary — flexibly to your needs.

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Customizable law software for a modern law firm world

Traditional industries such as law firms are often fraught with an image of dusty files. Efficient processes and digital workflows, on the other hand, fit less into the cliché. With Ninox, you can eliminate prejudices and create lean, administrative processes that can be carried out efficiently. Thanks to an intuitive menu, new clients and files are created in no time at all — and instead of annoying stamping, you can record times efficiently and digitally.

The benefits of Ninox lawyer software

Together with our solution partners, we offer you a highly customizable template for document management for your law firm. Stop wasting time searching for files, digitize your processes with Ninox. At the push of a button, you create automatic fees for clients and other partners. Time-consuming training is a thing of the past thanks to the user-friendly interface.

Automatically check conflicts of interest when creating a new mandate or a new file.

Record times and expenses effectively in a central platform.

Thanks to the traffic light system, you can always stay up to date on tasks and appointments.

Benefit from the low-code concept and implement individual requirements cost-effectively.

One software — endless possibilities

Individual solution for simplified processes in everyday law firm life

Free yourself from the idea that professional client support is only possible with heavy files and handwritten notes. Instead, opt for a digital solution to speed up and simplify your day-to-day law firm processes. This leaves more time for what really counts: your clients.

How our customers use Ninox

“Ninox gives us quick, easy access to exactly the functions that we really need in everyday life as a law firm.”
Antonio Calderon
Partner @VCvF .legal
“Finally, an application for legal information with a modern, intuitive interface.”
Head of Environmental and Energy Management
Michael Klös
“Ninox is a rare quality product and an amazing piece of software.”
Account Manager - Brand Protection
Maxyan Chassagnard
“With Ninox, our customers manage key EHS aspects in a simple and clear way. You can “sleep peacefully” because you have your risks under control.”
Karsten Aldenhövel


Do you still have questions? Here you can find answers to the most important questions:

What is law firm software?

With law firm software, administrative tasks such as mandate administration, file management, time recording and fee calculation are processed and stored in a digital system. Thanks to the digital database, typical procedures and processes from the everyday life of lawyers can be made more efficient. At the same time, the document management system will satisfy digitally savvy clients and promote productive collaboration.

What do I need law firm software for?

Digitalization continues to advance in all areas and industries. Thanks to technical solutions, processes are simplified, processes are accelerated and costly resources are minimized. In law firms, too, work processes and communication are becoming increasingly electronic. With the introduction of the BeA (Special Electronic Lawyer Mailbox), lawyers have been required to conduct electronic legal transactions since January 2022 at the latest. According to the law, documents must now be provided to courts in electronic form. Digital exchange is even easier thanks to file management in a central platform.

Can I individually adjust my mandate management?

Industry solutions always have the disadvantage that they are aimed at a wide range of use cases. However, with Ninox's low-code approach, you don't have to squeeze your processes into rigid templates. We do provide you with a template from professional legal advisors. However, with just a few simple steps, you can adapt the platform to your own needs. Without any programming knowledge, you can add additional fields and navigation points to your individual lawyer software via drag-and-drop.