Do you feel that many CRM systems on the market are too inflexible? Do you need a long time to track customer status and sales processes? With Ninox, you don't have to plan a complex CRM software implementation project or wait long for a developer to set it up. Get started now with our template to create your own CRM. Whether you manage leads, customers, suppliers or deals, you can tailor Ninox to your exact needs.

Ninox CRM — Dashboard

Customer management, proposal creation and much more

Keep track of leads, activities, quotes, suppliers, etc. and give your sales and marketing staff a tool to document customer communications and create quotes. You can assign activities and documents directly to the respective contacts and projects/deals.

Streamline your workflow and save dozens of hours of precious time for more conversions and higher customer satisfaction

Ninox CRM — Deals
Ninox CRM —Offers

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