Offers and invoices

With this template you can automate the creation of quotes and invoices. Create documents like quotes, order confirmations, invoices, reminders and cancellations with just a few clicks.

Adding contacts and items is easy and fast. Customer/supplier numbers or item numbers are assigned automatically.

The dashboard lets you keep track of overdue invoices and quotes for resubmission.

Write efficient offers - with this template

With the “Write offers template”, you can revolutionize your everyday office life. Efficiently create quotes, invoices, and more while staying on top of things. Boost productivity with this comprehensive solution.

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Highlights of this template:
  • Dashboard: Quick overview of open positions and upcoming offers.
  • Personals: Easy to add with automatic number assignment.
  • Offers: Direct creation and automatic number assignment.
  • Invoices: Seamless creation from order confirmations.

Writing offers: template for quick work

Companies are often faced with the problem of inefficient document creation processes. Without the “write offers template,” employees lose valuable time with manual data entry and troubleshooting, leading to delays and dissatisfaction.

Challenges without digital templates

Companies that do not use digital templates such as the “write offers template” often encounter significant challenges. The manual creation of documents is not only time-consuming, but also has a high potential for errors. Without a “create offer template,” inconsistent offer formats and incomplete information can lead to misunderstandings with customers. In addition, the process of “creating an offer” without a template is often cumbersome, as every offer preparation starts from scratch, leading to inefficiencies and delays.

In Ninox, you can't just create an offer. The template also gives you a clear dashboard.

Solution by Ninox: Write offers with this template

Ninox's “Write an offer template” provides a comprehensive solution to these challenges. By using our specialized “Create an offer template,” companies standardize the process of creating an offer. Each document follows a uniform format, which increases the professionalism and clarity of communication. In addition, the template for writing an offer from Ninox allows all necessary information is automatically integrated and sources of error are minimized.

The digital templates offer a structured and efficient way to create offers quickly and without errors. The “Create an offer template” ensures consistent quality of documents, while the “Create an offer template” speeds up the entire process by automatically including recurring data. In addition, the “template for writing an offer from Ninox supports seamless integration with other business processes, such as invoicing and order confirmation, which further simplifies and speeds up work processes.

These digital solutions enable companies to use their resources more effectively, increase customer satisfaction through fast and accurate offer processing, and ultimately strengthen their market position.

Benefits and features of digital offerings writing template

Transform your business with our “write offers template.” They not only automate the process of creating offers, but they also improve the accuracy of your documents.

Dashboard management

Our dashboard provides you with a central overview of all important aspects of your financial documentation. You can immediately see which invoices are past due and which offers need to be followed up.

Writing offers made easy: With our template, you can digitize your processes.

Efficient document creation

Create “offers” and “order confirmations” directly from the intuitive dashboard. Each document is automatically assigned a unique number, which makes it easy to overview and track.

Seamless integration

Data from existing offers is automatically incorporated into new order confirmations and invoices. This minimizes errors and speeds up the entire process from quotation preparation to invoicing.

Comprehensive contact data management

With the “Contacts” feature in our template, you can quickly add new business partners and automatically assign them the correct numbers. Filter contacts by company, role, or status to streamline your communication and documentation.

Creating an offer is child's play with our template.

Using the offers writing template

  1. Select ”Use template“.
  2. Register or log in with your details.
  3. Confirm your subscription via the link sent to you.
  4. Access to the software via the confirmation link.
  5. Use the “database” icon to use the template free of charge for 30 days.
  6. Select New database to explore more templates.

Save time through automation

With our “write offers template”, you significantly reduce the time required for administrative tasks. Automating routine tasks, such as document creation and management, allows you to focus on what's important and helps your business grow.

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