Time tracking

If you are a freelancer or an employer you will want to know how productive your working hours are. Get this template to easily track time and cost. Organize your workforce, sign in and sign out. Calculate wages with given hourly wages. Mark holidays and weekends. Ninox allows for complex filtering.


Monthly overviews and costs per employee are included. Easy data visualization. Calendar view. Overtime Compensation. Create your app with this highly flexible and customizable template.

Get started with our time tracking template

With the Ninox time recording template, you can always keep track of your employees' working hours. Optimize your processes now!

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Highlights of this template:
  • Dashboard: Overview and direct time recording for every employee.
  • Approvals: Manage the status and management of applications easily.
  • Staff: Assignment to Ninox users and team management.
  • Contracts: Document management and working time definition.

Challenges without a digital time recording template

Companies without a digital time recording template face numerous challenges. Traditional methods of recording working time, such as manual entries in tables, are not only time-consuming but also prone to errors. These inaccuracies can lead to significant problems, such as with payroll or compliance with legal working time regulations. Without a template for time recording, managers and HR departments easily lose track of the actual hours worked, which can result in overtime without compensation or unnoticed absences. Such situations not only affect employee morale, but can also have legal consequences.

How Ninox makes digital time recording easier

With its time recording template, Ninox offers a powerful solution that addresses exactly these problems. The working time recording table within the Ninox platform enables companies to record their employees' working hours precisely and in real time. This not only improves the accuracy of the data, but also enables immediate overview and evaluation.

In our time recording template, you can see all contract data at a glance.

Thanks to Ninox's digital time recording template, companies can easily meet their compliance requirements, as the software helps to comply with legal maximum working hours and correctly apply break regulations. In addition, Ninox's intuitive user interface allows employees and managers to get up to speed quickly, making it much easier to implement a new time tracking solution.

Ninox's approach of offering an integrated and automated time recording template minimizes administrative effort and increases productivity through more efficient processes. Digitalizing time recording with Ninox results in a transparent and equitable work environment, which promotes employee satisfaction and engagement. By securely storing all relevant data in a cloud, Ninox also protects privacy and data integrity, which is crucial for modern businesses.

Time Tracking Template: A Must-Have for Modern Businesses

Using our time tracking template makes it easy to precisely record and manage working hours. It supports transparent and fair treatment of all employees and helps to easily meet legal requirements.

Deeper insights into the template's features

The template offers numerous features that will benefit any business. that Dashboard enables immediate recording and provides a quick overview of working hours. Under permits All applications can be managed efficiently, which reduces administrative costs. The staffs-Management is integrated so that new team members can be easily added and their working hours assigned accordingly. In the section treaties all relevant documents can be securely uploaded and managed. Die takes offer the option of adapting the company profile and adding the company logo and other information to documents. The admin section ensures that all data is properly initialized and provides tools for data reset.

The dashboard in our time recording template shows you an overview of all entries.

Using the template

To use the time tracking template, click ”Use template“. In the next window, register with your email address and a password by clicking on “Start now.” Then confirm your email to get access to the software. The “Database” icon marks the template, which you can now use free of charge for 30 days. More templates are available under “New database.”

Why the template saves time

Using the Ninox time tracking template saves companies a significant amount of time. By automating time recording and management, employees can focus on their core tasks instead of wasting time on manual entries. With easy access and a clear presentation of all important information, administrative effort is minimized and efficiency is increased.

With the time recording template from Ninox, you can rely on a future-proof solution for managing your employee time.

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