Better data quality due to higher user acceptance

The arcRider {Data + Design} mission: More style, more function and the usual Ninox precision. The fast realization of projects is in the focus. arcRider implements its own low-code solutions in Ninox and combines data management with functional optics.


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Customer profile

Jakob Jordan is a senior UI designer, Ninox expert, and founder of arcRider {Data + Design}. He believes that we live in a data-driven society and people can even fall in love with data; however, great user experiences are essential for this to happen. Accordingly, designers should change conventional mindsets to unleash the charm and power of data. As a Ninox Premium Solution Partner, arcRider solves UI/UX problems and enhances usability to achieve an organic union of Data + Design. With Ninox, the team has already been able to digitize many processes. Because of the designed interfaces, Ninox can be much more than just a database.


Inaccurate and incomplete data due to lack of user-friendliness

The leading Berlin-based company Knauer manufactures scientific laboratory measuring instruments and cooperates with distributors worldwide. To manage the modular components of all systems, Knauer uses Ninox software. Both dealers and Knauer sales agents use Ninox to put together individual offers for end customers. However, one issue arose: many dealers were not adopting the tool sufficiently and were creating quotes using external tools instead. The root problem was the non-intuitive user interface and overwhelmed users. As a result, Knauer was unable to guarantee data accuracy for the quotes created and forecasts could only be calculated imprecisely.

With Ninox, we have been able to digitize and map complex processes over the last few years. I've found that Ninox can be more than just a database through the use of high quality designed interfaces. Our mission is to organically unite data + design, because it solves an amazing number of UI and UX problems and can simplify operation many times over.

Jakob Jordan
Owner arcRider {Data + Design}


Appealing Ninox user interface leads to higher satisfaction

Knauer pursued the goal of increasing Ninox user acceptance and satisfaction among dealers. To achieve this, the user interface was to be made more appealing and the time required to create a quotation was to be reduced. On the one hand, a fundamental optimization of the process from offer creation to offer dispatch was necessary in order to simplify the views and reduce the information overload. Furthermore, special functions were worked out (e.g. comment function, message center, sorting of offer positions by 1 click, smart review process). Finally, the Ninox user interface for quotation creation was converted into an individually designed interface (custom design). The result is impressive: a quote configurator with an app-like character that makes creating quotes easy and efficient.

Key functions
  • Custom design
  • App character
  • Intuitive operation


According to Knauer CEO, Carsten Losch, the collaboration with the arcRider team has succeeded in creating an intuitive user interface that distributors also enjoy using on a daily basis. Knauer now has a Ninox app with superpowers! The chat function in combination with the also newly introduced review workflow enables Knauer's business development managers to clarify all technical and commercial questions regarding a quote in no time. Thanks to the new user interface, user acceptance has increased significantly. The processes have become significantly faster due to fewer clicks and the error rate has decreased due to automation. Knauer's customers receive better offers and Knauer more orders. Due to the improved user-friendliness and the stringent use of the Ninox solution of all involved parties, a higher data and forecast accuracy or transparency in the company results.

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