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Research involves experimenting, analysing, documenting, and archiving. This often results in large amounts of data that have to be collected, managed, and evaluated. A research group at the University of Cologne uses an individual, self-developed Ninox solution to do so.


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The "AG Neuroimaging and Neuroengineering of Experimental Strokes" is a preclinical research group of the Medical Faculty at the University of Cologne. Under the direction of Dr. rer. nat. Markus Aswendt, young scientists are investigating the cellular basis of network changes that lead to motor disorders after an experimental stroke.


Lots of research data, no suitable software

According to the requirements of good scientific practice, all experiments and the resulting data must be clearly documented and archived. For a long time, due to a lack of any alternatives, recording data was done by hand or individually with standard software such as Word and Excel. This system was inefficient, prone to errors, and not protected well enough against manipulation. Dr. Aswendt was therefore looking for a more efficient solution.

However, there was nothing suitable in the commercial range of scientific software, and he lacked the know-how and resources for conventional in-house development. Then he came across the low-code database Ninox.

Ninox has significantly improved the efficiency, reliability, and accuracy of research data collection, analysis, and documentation.

Dr. Markus Aswendt
Leader of the AG


A flexible low-code solution for data diversity

With Ninox, Dr. Aswendt developed an individual solution for organising the daily laboratory routine of his research group in a relatively short time. The main focus was on making it quickly and easily and ensuring the use of experiment-specific data forms. They can be used on different devices at different locations at any time and not only save time in data collection, but also significantly reduce the error rate.

The data is immediately backed up centrally and can be evaluated in a variety of ways using graphics. In addition, the Ninox solution automatically calculated follow-up deadlines and schedules reminders for them, while also offering project communication functions. It forms the basis of complete physical and digital documentation. Access to the information is controlled by individual user rights.

Key Features
  • Document management
  • Visual evaluation
  • Project management


With the self-developed Ninox solution, all relevant data is now finally in one central location. The scientists can work in different labs at different times and document their experiments directly from their respective workstations, via the Ninox web interface. There is no more chaos with paper and files; all data can be accessed at any time and from anywhere using different end devices. It can also be validated, checked and analysed in a variety of ways.

The detailed assignment of rights also controls the so-called blinding, i.e. the hiding of certain information for persons involved in ongoing studies, in order to enable them to work in an unbiased manner. The web-based solution is used on various devices, most often Macs and iPhones.

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