Compliance Management in Technology Groups

In the case of the ISO 14001 certification, international, federal and regional legal norms need to be considered. thyssenkrupp Systems Engineering organises information and the exchange of representatives across various sites and locations with Ninox Cloud and eco COMPLIANCE.







Customer profile

As a systems partner for the automotive industry, thyssenkrupp Systems Engineering GmbH manufactures components for the process chains producing car bodies and drive trains. The range of services also includes automation solutions for electrical storage and drive systems, as well as solutions for innovative and lightweight construction concepts. thyssenkrupp employs around 4600 employees across 14 countries worldwide.


Technology Group: many systems across many locations

thyssenkrupp Systems Engineering has locations in 6 different federal states across Germany. For many years, the company has been active in the fields of quality, environment, and energy certifications. The international environmental management standard, ISO 14001, requires compliance with the international and national legal norms as well as consideration of the respective state and municipal laws. The representatives of the locations were updated about new developments in these legislations via newsletter and various other systems. The joint assessment and allocation of the instructions required a time-consuming and labour-intensive dialogue between all stakeholders.

Finally, an app for legal information with a modern, intuitive interface.

Michael Klös
Head of Environmental & Energy Management


Cross-site Compliance Management

Since the summer of 2018, thyssenkrupp Systems Engineering has been using a legal registry based on Ninox Cloud from eco COMPLIANCE for use in matters concerning environment, energy, occupational safety, and information security.

The initial assessment of changes in legal standards was carried out just like before at a central location within the technology group. However, instead of informing the various representatives about the innovations individually via newsletter, coordinating appropriate measures with them, and updating the rules for each location, the entire process is now mapped on a uniform, common platform. Everyone involved now has access to a simple user interface where they can all access the same up-to-date stock data at any time, with all legal provisions, instructions for action, and responsibilities available as well..

Key Features
  • Compliance management
  • Employee management
  • Product data management


The introduction of Ninox Cloud and the legal registry solution based on it from eco COMPLIANCE has made the process of compliance management far more efficient. It’s no longer necessary for all of the representatives across the four areas of environment, energy, occupational safety, and information security at six different locations to deal with the evaluation of changes in legal standards that may not be relevant to them. Instead, they can focus on only those that really matter to them. The solution offers clear structures and easy management, plus it can be adapted to suit new requirements at any time with little effort. Legal changes are quickly incorporated and are immediately available to the representatives across all German locations. The changeover itself was quick and straight-forward.

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