A tour guide organisation gets a new lease of life

Tour guide organisation, Lange Nelle, was using an adapted theatre booking system that didn't suit their unique needs. They needed something that suited the personality of the business, but no such system existed yet. That's when they came across Ninox.

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Customer profile

Lange Nelle is a non-profit organisation that runs guided tours in and around Ostend in a variety of languages, including Dutch, French, English, German, and Spanish. The tours take place on foot, by bike, or by bus and attract tourists from around the world.

Lange Nelle


From paper to progress

At first, Lange Nelle used to run the business using pen and paper for the most part. A theatre booking program was adapted to take registrations for tours, but it wasn't user-friendly. Making edits to bookings was difficult and took up a lot of employee time.

The organisation therefore started looking for an all-in-one package that could handle all aspects of dispatching, ranging from entering the opening hours of certain museums, planning guided tours, scheduling the availability of over 60 tour guides, sending emails to customers and guides, and even invoicing the tour guests. Such a specialised solution did not yet exist - until they found Ninox.

Client Portrait
We have an all-in-one package that is unique in Belgium and this for a good price. It's also easy to expand with new features in the future.
Dirk Laga
Treasurer of Lange Nelle



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