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In hospitality, the customer always needs to come first. For SuperSource, too many platforms and processes were getting in the way of the high-quality customer service they wanted to provide. They needed a one-stop solution, powered by Ninox.


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SuperSource manufactures and distributes cleaning products and equipment for the hospitality industry in the Eastern United States. Led by their founder, Kevin Deely, they serve high profile clients including Michelin Star restaurants, hotels, country clubs, and private schools.


Too many platforms getting in the way of customer service

In order to manage such a widespread and multifaceted operation, SuperSource was in need of a fully-integrated, scalable, and customisable inventory, CRM, and accounting management solution to replace the multiple stand-alone solutions that were in place. These non-integrated platforms combined with Google Sheets made it difficult to serve their clients effectively. Jumping between different systems was time-consuming and inefficient. Kevin decided it was time to look for something that could provide an all-in-one solution for managing his business.

The folks at Nioxus are high-calibre individuals who were able to tackle all of the issues that we had to resolve with our new solution.

Kevin Deely


A custom solution to meet every requirement

Kevin first looked at off the shelf packages, but none of them were able to successfully deliver an enterprise solution that met all of SuperSource’s requirements. Once he discovered Ninox and Nioxus, he knew he had found both a platform that could meet all of his requirements and a consulting and development consulting team that could deliver.

With the expertise of Nioxus, SuperSource received a comprehensive Ninox solution that handled task management, inventory, maintenance records, account management and CRM. Having this new system at each employee's fingertips significantly decreases inefficient communication and operational confusion. Kevin predicts this will save approximately 30% of team resources.

Key Features
  • Inventory management
  • Account management
  • Customer care and management


The Ninox and Nioxus combination resulted in a solution that delivers the complete picture of all of the inner workings of the business. This has saved SuperSource a lot of time, both in terms of the communication between individuals that are working in the field and how long it takes to access relevant data and reports.

This empowers SuperSource employees to make accurate and timely decisions that best serve their clients, while also allowing Kevin time to focus less on day-to-day tasks and more on business development and strategy. Phase 1 of this solution was rolled out in Q4 2020 and Phase 2 is currently being launched to enable an enhanced inventory and maintenance management operating procedure.

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