Process Alteration in a Marketing Agency

A forward-thinking marketing agency, Lemon Dog Project, was stuck in the past, using spreadsheets to organise client data and assets. They stepped up their processes with a new system from Ninox and have saved themselves time and money along the way.


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Customer profile

Lemon Dog Project is a full service marketing and branding agency providing clients with graphic design, website design, marketing campaigns and advertising services. Created in 1989 the team at Lemon Dog Project is committed to bridging technology and creativity to provide practical services which deliver great results for their clients.


Lower costs, more possibilities

Lemon Dog Project owner Cynthia Pinsonnault was keen to improve the firm’s processes and reduce costs. A combination of Excel and other licensed software products were both expensive and inefficient ways of managing clients, storing their information and images and tracking each project from conception to completion.

I had no idea how powerful Ninox was, it has transformed the way I run my business and my personal life.

Cynthia Pinsonnault


Power through software

With help from our local agent Cynthia has developed a powerful Ninox solution, which has changed the way her business operates. Creating the initial database was quick and easy and Cynthia is able to regularly upload information and graphical assets to the platform. Important project data is entered once (previously there was a lot of duplication of data entries) and spreadsheets have been eliminated completely. Using custom modules it is easy to quickly locate very specific information and imagery.

Key Features
  • Time saving
  • Data management
  • Process management


Since switching to Ninox, it's far easier to upload information and graphical assets to the platform regularly, so nothing ever gets missed.  Important project data is only entered once, saving time for employees as well.

What's more, there has been the complete elimination of the spreadsheets, upgrading the workflow for everyone involved. It's now easy to quickly locate very specific information and imagery within the system, so work is improved and made more efficient at the same time.

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