Collecting and managing data smarter

Ninox partner ROgeo was wasting time and resources collecting and managing data, without the space to properly analyse, learn, and report on the information. They needed a smart solution to free up human attention for more in-depth analysis. That's when they turned to Ninox.







Customer profile

The Regional Energy Strategy (RES) is investigating the possibilities to generate sustainable electricity on land in the Arnhem Nijmegen region. The goal is to push sustainable electricity on a large scale in the whole Netherlands.


A search for data

The organisation wanted to get an accurate picture of where they stand according to certain themes. This includes plans for locally generated renewable energy, the heating transition for housing, and insights into the participation of local citizens.

Gathering relevant quantitative and qualitative data was taking up more time than could be spared. Cleaning up the data regularly, keeping it up to date in Excel, and sending out many emails to retrieve pieces of information from partners is an extensive process. They then started looking for a solution that needed to fulfil the main goal, sub-goals, and a number of functional requirements. Then came Ninox.

With our needs in mind, we searched for a solution that contributes to data quality and time optimisation. This was found with Ninox.

Tjeerd Kooy


Data management made simple

With the help of ROgeo, Energy Strategy Arnhem Nijmegen were able to quickly develop a solution that ticked a lot of the boxes. Even the sub-goals that weren't able to be solved right away were brought forward into a dynamic partnership that worked to find solutions as the software was developed further. The Ninox software works like an online, smarter version of Excel, where partners can fill in the data for themselves, streamlining the administrative process.

In the coming months, both Ninox and Energy Strategy Arnhem Nijmegen will continue to work together to ensure that an optimally tuned instrument is created that can move with the incoming data.

Key Features
  • Data management
  • Administration
  • Central data storage


Now, data can be viewed online by a larger group and analysed in different forms. Because partners can upload and manage data themselves, this saves time for other admin employees. There is now a clear limit on administrative burdens for both partners and the work organization. Among other things, this was achieved by switching off email traffic when it comes to collecting data so that those involved can focus more on the content, improving the overall quality and data reliability.

The software is ready to develop with the changing needs of the organisation and is already making life much easier for all of those involved. Because less time is taken up with managing data, more time can be spent on analysis and reports, extracting greater value from the information.

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