Digitalizing processes in the transport industry

Generational changes in corporate management often trigger a surge in innovation. This was also the case with the Albrecht haulage company, which found new owners after 60 years of family ownership. Their first measure: Digitalizing business processes. The tool: Ninox.







Customer profile

Fuhrunternehmen Albrecht GmbH und Co. KG is a logistics company in the greater Dresden area. It is run by brothers Tibor and Istvan Ambrus, the successors to a family business that had existed since 1960. The company employs 25 people and focuses on transporting building materials with special vehicles. In doing so, Albrecht particularly relies on long-standing partnerships with regular customers.


Low digitalization, complex operating processes

When the Ambrus brothers succeeded the eponymous owner at Albrecht in 2020, the company was barely digitalized. In order to maintain and improve competitiveness, the biggest challenge was therefore to analyze existing processes and look for ways to handle them more efficiently. When considering suitable software, desktop databases such as Access and established ERP systems such as SAP were initially considered. However, the first seemed too complicated and the latter too expensive – and both were too inflexible. The decision was therefore made to develop an individual solution with Ninox.

We can't do without Ninox any more. Our entire company is now built on it.

Tibor Ambrus
Managing Director


Flexible, efficient in-house solution using low-code

Tibor Ambrus had already successfully used the Ninox app with the iPad and was now able to transfer his knowledge 1:1 to the cloud version. He started with a fleet management solution, taking into account not only pure vehicle data, but also the running costs and subsidies. The next big step was collecting employee master data and up-to-date information on attendances and absences for reliable staff scheduling. Based on this, the recording of working hours was also mapped with Ninox, which in turn can be used to generate payroll tables that are transmitted to the payroll office. In addition to other partial solutions for administrating driver's logbooks and work clothing, Albrecht now also handles its entire invoicing via Ninox.

Key Features:
  • Tour planning
  • Personnel management
  • Invoicing


The decision to use Ninox as a tool for digitalizing their business processes has proven to be a stroke of luck for the Ambrus brothers and their employees. In just a few months, without any additional investment in IT infrastructure, they have developed an individual, team-compatible and mobile-usable solution that maps all important areas ranging from the fleet management to staff scheduling and invoicing. This not only saves considerable time for specific processes but also significantly improves the availability and reliability of the data. An important aspect of this was that the development could be carried out step by step in-house and constantly optimized during operation. The Ninox solution is used at various locations with desktop computers, notebooks and iPhones.

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