Ninox improves Service, Sales and Satisfaction for Elite Plumbing and Heating

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Elite Plumbing and Heating (EPH) specialise in the supply and installation of residential and commercial plumbing product. With a great reputation amongst their client base the firm also design and install custom bathrooms and provide advice and expertise to their commercial clients.


For EPH the sales process nearly always started with a discussion about their client’s requirements. This enabled the team to develop a detailed quote back at the office which could be discussed, refined and agreed with each customer. On completion of the work the customer would receive an invoice which the firm then had to manually track until payment was made and the account closed.

These activities were all being undertaken manually using Word and Excel – a time consuming process which had to be done in the office. This was often inconvenient, and with clients having to wait to receive quotes to confirm orders they also had time to get other quotes for the same work.

Ninox has allowed me to make my business mobile. I can now do what I need, from wherever I am! We’re really excited by the potential development Ninox can offer. Eventually we will create a system which also sends automated email reminders to our customers to advise them of upcoming renewals as well!

Jeremy Tagg
Business Owner


Using Ninox, EPH created a solution which allowed them to record and store customer details, quotes and invoices and details of suppliers. Paperwork could now be completed on-site on mobile phones and ipads, so each quote could be reviewed and refined on-site with the client, before emailing a final quotation for approval.

Each quote can be tracked, sales conversions measured and monitored and, on completion of a project important information such as boiler servicing dates are added to the platform to automate annual reminders for customers.


  • A collaborative approach to developing quotes has improved sales conversions and the customer experience
  • Quotes and invoices are quick to create and can be tracked and reported on Paperwork is produced in a high-quality PDF format
  • Customer data can be stored and used for automated reminders, providing opportunities to develop new revenue streams
  • Supplier information is easily accessible
  • As a SaaS solution all these benefits are available wherever the team are working


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