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Just sowing and harvesting was not enough for the team at gartenmeister. They also sell their products to end customers and offer extensive horticultural services. They map the individual processes for the different activity areas with Ninox.


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Gartenmeister Keller & Hohnstock oHG has been running a retail nursery with a specialist floristry shop in Petersberg, Saxony-Anhalt, for over 25 years. In addition to a wide range of ornamental plants, vegetables, fruit and herbs, gartenmeister also offers individual services such as a balcony box service and the overwintering of Mediterranean potted plants with a pick-up and delivery service.


Paper-based processes cost a lot of time

The diverse range of services offered by gartenmeister requires considerable organizational effort. All customer orders and inquiries received in person, by telephone or email were jotted down on notepads or printed out, and filed according to the date in hanging file folders. For the overwintering with pick-up and delivery service, several hundred customer addresses and appointments also had to be managed, along with information on the plants and their locations in the greenhouse. All data was recorded on paper and constantly had to be sorted manually to keep track of it. This took up a lot of time and was prone to errors.

Changing over from paper-based order books to computers was easier than expected. Ninox makes our work much easier.

Karola Rost


Efficient organization solution with Ninox

In order to save time and costs, the decision was made to map processes at gartenmeister with a software solution. However, standard industry solutions would only have covered partial areas and would not have enabled mobile use. Uwe Keller, one of the managing directors at gartenmeister, therefore decided to develop an individual solution himself. To explore the possibilities offered by Ninox, he started by organizing the daily incoming orders for the retail shop in a Ninox database. After the successful launch, the management of order data for services such as the overwintering of potted plants was also mapped with Ninox, including precise scheduling and capacity planning. Based on this, it was now also possible to create invoices and carry out a variety of evaluations.

Key Features:
  • Order management
  • Appointment management
  • Billing


With Ninox, the team at gartenmeister have now exactly the solution they had been looking for in vain for a long time. Paper now only plays a subordinate role, the workflows have been digitalized and simultaneously optimized with Ninox. All data are now stored centrally and are available wherever needed, not only at the office workstations but also when mobile with tablets and smartphones, such as in the greenhouse or on-site at customers. Dates and order data are always up to date and clearly displayed. The Ninox solution is precisely tailored to the requirements and processes at gartenmeister, ensures transparency and reduces queries to a minimum, which has significantly increased productivity and employee satisfaction. Functional add-ons are already planned.

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