From vision to success: How Enerix is driving digitization forward

Enerix, the leading specialist chain for photovoltaic systems in Germany and Austria, has continuously grown and succeeded since it was founded in 2007. With an impressive network of over 100 specialist companies and more than 25,000 installed photovoltaic systems, Enerix has established itself as a pioneer in the industry.




Specialized Companies


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Customer profile

Enerix, the leading chain of specialist companies for photovoltaic systems in Germany and Austria, has continuously increased in growth and success since its foundation in 2007. With an impressive network of over 115 specialist companies and more than 25,000 photovoltaic systems installed in 2022, Enerix has established itself as a pioneer in the industry.


Avoiding interruptions in the flow of information

In order to manage its rapid growth, Enerix recognized that it needed to continue to digitize. Some processes were already mapped with the existing solution (kwix), but there were still many media inconsistencies, as well as data and isolated applications (such as Excel, Word, Placetel and Teams). Therefore, Enerix decided to implement new software. Enerix formed a task force for software selection. The selection process involved several steps, including analyzing internal processes and deriving requirements for the software search. The main issue identified was data consistency: during the many phases of a PV project, data is generated in different formats and stored in different data structures. The challenge was to link these data together to avoid interruptions in the information flow.

With just one platform, we have an overview right from the start—from the first customer inquiry, through planning and installation, to consulting. A huge gain for us.

Stefan Jakob
Managing director and co-founder


Customized ERP solution

After a lengthy selection process, Enerix chose Photovate's ERP solution, a PV software based on the low-code Ninox platform. Ninox is a development platform on which to quickly build custom software. The approach was convincing for several reasons: First, because all evaluated requirement areas, including automation, enterprise resource planning, multi-project management, digital job site and service, can be covered. Second, because the solution from Ninox partner Photovate, could be tailored to Enerix's exact requirements with little effort - and can grow with the company.


This allows each of Enerix's more than 115 specialist companies to proceed flexibly at their own pace, digitizing processes step by step and adapting the scope of the solution to their own needs. Thanks to low-code technology, customizations and enhancements can be implemented in record time.  

Key features

  • Highly scalable ERP
  • Flexible multi-project management
  • Optimized information flow


One central tool for all business processes

Photovate's Ninox-based ERP solution eliminates the need for workarounds by centralizing all processes, from customer inquiries to order fulfillment. Enerix specialists have a central tool at their disposal, which improves transparency in project status and thus optimizes the coordination of projects, material/stock and personnel. This results in faster and more efficient operations, such as invoicing and financial tracking. Personalized dashboards provide better visibility into sales and project control metrics. Overall, the PV (Link zu SEO Landing Page) solution has increased Enerix's efficiency and made the company more successful, from initial contacts to photovoltaic system acceptance.

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