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Fire prevention specialists have considerable responsibility. People's lives can depend on the diligence of their work. The software that supports them in their work must therefore be correspondingly reliable and flexible. A task for Ninox.


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Customer profile

Sven Gericke is a self-employed fire protection specialist in Feldkirchen-Westerham, a small rural community in the district of Rosenheim in Upper Bavaria. With 20 years of experience in the fire service, he trains company fire protection and first aiders, advises companies, municipalities as well as private individuals, and acts as an external fire protection officer. He also supplies, installs and maintains fire extinguishers, and rents them out for events.


Many manufacturers and products, but no uniform standard

Gericke has a wide range of duties as an advisor, trainer, technician and fire safety officer. His important activities also include regularly inspecting extinguishers, detectors as well as smoke and heat extraction systems. Many products from diverse manufacturers have to be taken into account, corresponding questionnaires have to be worked through, and extensive logs have to be completed. Although some of the manufacturers offer software solutions, these are tailored to their own specific products. In order not to have to work with several software programs at the same time, Gericke looked for an alternative. An entrepreneur friend told him about Ninox.

With Ninox, I've finally found a solution for my very individual processes and diverse products.

Sven Gericke


Convenient, manufacturer-neutral data management

Sven Gericke spent five years searching in vain for a suitable solution for his field of activity and improvised with various tools. With Ninox, everything then went very quickly. Together with a Ninox partner, Gericke developed an individual solution for time-consuming standard processes. This is based on the master data for customers, premises and devices, which are linked to one another and enable quick access at any time. Important information about fire extinguishers, smoke detectors and other fire protection equipment scheduled for testing is now stored in a manufacturer-neutral database. Inspections can be carried out very effectively using product-specific criteria catalogs, the corresponding logs and certificates are generated automatically, and Ninox also reminds him of follow-up deadlines.

Key Features:
  • On-site inspection
  • Workflow standardization
  • Documentation


Whether advising, providing technical services or inspections, much of the work of fire protection experts takes place at the client's premises. Software that supports this work must therefore also be conveniently available on mobile devices. Sven Gericke uses Ninox Cloud in the office on a notebook, and in the field on an Android tablet, which has great advantages, especially for fire inspections, tests and walk-throughs. Instead of combing through extensive documents and drawn-out questionnaires on paper, he now works with clearly laid out touchscreen forms and checkboxes. Defects can be recorded directly in the database with a photo, and the laborious and error-prone transfer of data to the computer is also eliminated. This makes the work much easier, saves an enormous amount of time, and also significantly increases the quality of the data.

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