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Rotschy was working with various digital tools to manage different aspects of business. When dealing with so many moving parts, everyday tasks were starting to take too long to manage. Enter Ninox.


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Customer profile

Rotschy Inc. is a family organization that was originally founded in 1979 to build logging roads. Over the last 40 years, it has grown to encompass a multitude of construction projects including civil and vertical construction, including tilt-up, steel, and industrial buildings. Nick Massie is a Trainer who also manages all of Rotschy’s Ninox programming and is also the Project Manager for their rock quarry.


Too many tools, not enough time

Construction companies often have many moving parts, including project management, budgeting, administration, and inventory management. Rotschy was initially using a collection of different digital tools as well as internal programmers for development and administrative purposes. They found this to be unintuitive and time-consuming. Nick was brought on to the Rotschy team in order to identify and implement a more efficient solution.

Ninox took everything and put it in one place. Nioxus and ReportsPLUS elevated that experience, making our business run much smoother.

Nick Massie
Trainer and Project Manager


Teamwork for a custom solution

Nick was the driving force behind the Ninox deployment at Rotschy. While Nick was in the early stages of his Ninox rollout, he discovered Nioxus and became a member in order to access their library of hundreds of Ninox templates, applications, data models, and other exclusive learning resources. With the help of the Nioxus team, Nick was able to build a solution to replace all of Rotschy’s other digital tools and their programming resources, saving an enormous amount of time and money in the process.

Using ReportsPLUS by Nioxus, he also was able to quickly build a custom solution for ticketing and automatic report generation for upper management. Because of this, Nick was able to save up to 1.5 days per week of data entry on invoicing for the rock quarry he manages.

Key Features
  • Project management
  • Inventory management
  • Report generation


With Ninox, Nioxus, and ReportsPLUS, Nick crafted a software solution that saved Rotschy significant levels of time and money. Now, workers in the field are able to instantly access any information or intelligence that they need without travelling to the main office. This has saved manpower resources that were initially used to scan documents and send them to remote sites.

Nick’s custom solution built on ReportsPLUS allows for more prompt, efficient, and accurate invoicing and reporting at the rock quarry as well. This means that Senior Management can consistently make better-informed decisions faster and based on more accurate and timely intel. The Rotschy Ninox/Nioxus solution has been deployed for two years with consistent year-over-year improvements in efficiency.

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