A Low-Code Solution for International Distribution

For medium-sized businesses, international presence can be a challenge. Customers and sales partners across the globe need to be regularly kept up-to-date with all the information on products and prices. A low-code platform, like Ninox, can help.






Distribution countries

Customer profile

KNAUER Wissenschaftliche Geräte GmbH in Berlin is a medium-sized family business in its second generation. With approximately 150 employees*, KNAUER develops and manufactures high-quality lab instruments for the pharmaceutical and life science industries. The company sells via distributors across more than 80 countries worldwide. Customers range from universities and companies to start-ups and global corporations.


Excel lists and data exchange as a permanent building site

KNAUER's product catalogue contains more than 20,000 articles, which all form the basis for compiling tailor-made solutions for customers. For a long time, the extensive data stock was managed using Excel lists with additional VBA scripts. This took a lot of effort from data exchange with sales partners and repeatedly led to problems to do with different program and file versions. KNAUER tested various software packages as an alternative to Excel, but they were all in the six-figure price range. Even for this high price, they would only partly fulfil the requirements. Through a recommendation from an employee, they found Ninox - and thus developed their own solution.

Ninox helps us to meet our customers' expectations of speed and customer proximity.

Alexandra Knauer
CEO and Owner


Complete Sales Management with Ninox

The "KNAUER Sales Navigator", as the solution is called internally, was developed entirely by the sales department using Ninox and covers all relevant areas. The starting point was the price list, which until now had to be sent by email to everyone involved with each change. Now, many sales partners have direct access to the price list via the Cloud. In the meantime, the entire dealer sales department is managed by the KNAUER Sales Navigator: product database, lead management, project management, OEM spare parts catalogues, document management - everything runs via Ninox.

Key Features
  • Product database
  • Document management
  • Lead management


A decisive advantage for KNAUER is Ninox's low-code approach, eliminating the need for time-consuming and costly coordination between users and developers. With Ninox, development can now take place directly within the specialist department, and practical experience from everyday work flows into the development process permanently. In this way, the KNAUER Sales Navigator is an individual sales solution, tailored to the needs of the company and can be adapted for future requirements. The shared use of the Cloud-based database enables KNAUER to develop even better solutions for their customers in close cooperation with its sales partners. The motivation of all participants to use and develop the Ninox solution still further is therefore high.

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