Professional association reorganizes itself with Ninox

Managing and organizing a professional association with over a thousand members and several training centers entails considerable administrative effort. To enable the DPV to devote more time again to the work that really matters to it, the association, therefore, decided to develop a new solution with Ninox.







Customer profile

The German Psychoanalytic Association (DPV) is a registered society for psychoanalytical professionals based in Berlin. Its work mainly focuses on training psychoanalysts at 13 locations as well as providing research and education on psychoanalysis. The DPV has around 1,100 members and is the official German branch of the International Psychoanalytical Association (IPA). It is also a member of the DGPT, the professional body that, among others, represents the interests of psychoanalysts in Germany.


Inefficiency due to a hodgepodge of standard software

For a long time, the DPV relied on Access as its central database along with other standard software such as Excel and Google Docs for managing workflows when maintaining its membership register and planning events. However, Access no longer met its increasing requirements, as it was relatively cumbersome to use and difficult to adapt to changing requirements. Moreover, it only ran on Windows standalone systems, which considerably restricted the technical and spatial possibilities. All in all, the diverse hodgepodge of tools required considerable effort, made it difficult to train new staff, and simply seemed rather antiquated.

The more I look into the possibilities offered by Ninox, the more excited I get. Big thumbs-up!

Dr. Reinhard Herold
IT Officer


Integrated low-code solution replaces various tools

In its search for an efficient solution, the DPV sought advice from the digitization experts at Ninox's premium partner q23 and was impressed by the advantages offered by the low-code platform. In close collaboration, an individual solution was developed in a relatively short time that is precisely tailored to the DPV's requirements and processes. All data on members, branches and events are now stored centrally in the Ninox database, can be accessed from anywhere at any time, and can be easily edited using various end devices. A dashboard provides an excellent overview of upcoming appointments, tasks and project statuses. In addition, the DPV's website was also linked so that it is now possible to register directly for events using an online form, with the registrations saved in Ninox.

Key Features:
  • Integrates accounting
  • Registration on the website via API
  • Membership management


The main benefit of the DPV solution is the enormous gain in efficiency during day-to-day administrative work. With Ninox, many processes – some of them quite time-consuming and complex – have been optimized and automated, leaving more time for the substantive work. New users can be easily created and assigned the necessary rights, and they quickly find their way around without requiring a long learning curve. The ability to use the software flexibly with different end devices, including mobile ones, is also extremely convenient, whether at different locations, working at home or at events. Moreover, Ninox has not only been able to solve problems, but also open up new possibilities. These now go far beyond what was initially envisaged and also include functions for invoicing and emailing members.

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