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With rudimentary options for customising simple processes, groupware solutions like Lotus Notes were essentially the predecessors of modern low-code systems. In order to map the more complex processes, an architecture firm decided to make a fresh start with Ninox.





5 figure

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Customer profile

Based in Leipzig, NOKERA Planning GmbH evolved from the architectural firm Gregor Fuchshuber & Partner, which was founded in 1994 and had made a name for itself in complex conversion and refurbishment projects. Now with 110 employees, NOKERA's current focus is on sophisticated new construction projects for residential and commercial use.


Outdated, inflexible software, high licence costs

For many years, project management with master data administration and time recording had been carried out at NOKERA through a solution based on Lotus Notes. However, the list-oriented, somewhat cumbersome application no longer seemed up to date. After the licence expired, the decision was made to not invest another five-figure sum in renewing the licences, but instead to look for a new, future-proof solution. An employee at NOKERA already used Ninox for IT administration and therefore suggested using it to develop their own customised application.

Changing familiar ways of working is always tricky. But with Ninox, the staff got along very well right from the start.

Toni Mietzner
IT Advisor


Future-proof Ninox solution with added value

The solution was developed with Ninox in a relatively short time. It not only maps the work areas of the previous software, but also offers significant added value with additional functions. All project data and master data are available anywhere and at all times and can be prepared with needs-based views for different user groups.

Search processes are much faster. Sensitive data from the personnel area can be protected against unauthorised access. Team functions support project planning and time recording enables the automated creation of project-based invoices.

The management also has various forecasting and control functions at its disposal, which can be used to keep an eye on project and payroll statuses and to create evaluations for clients, for example.

Key Features
  • Project Management
  • Contract Management
  • Cost Calculations


NOKERA Planning uses Ninox as a cloud-based platform with all 110 employees. Thanks to the simple user interface, adapted neatly to the processes, the changeover proved to be unproblematic and was even welcomed. The advantages of the solution are immediately apparent in everyday work. The cumbersome handling of lists and Word files is no longer necessary, all relevant data is stored centrally, and required documents can be compiled as needed. Collaboration in teams is much more effective and, thanks to Ninox's rights management, data protection is also guaranteed. The biggest advantage, however, is that the application can be adapted and expanded at any time as needed. Ideas for expansion arise regularly in practice and will be implemented in future steps.

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