Luxury yacht builder finds flexibility with Ninox

With their business growing by five times within a year, Discovery Shipyard needed a custom solution with enough flexibility to support their customers' various requirements. Every solution they found couldn't be adapted to fit their business model - until they tried out Ninox.


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Customer profile

Discovery Shipyard is a British luxury yacht building company, founded by a couple with a passion for sailing. Kerstin and her husband lead the business, along with a team of naval architects and craftsmen, all of whom take great pride in the quality of their bespoke yachts. Each yacht is made to measure, suiting the customers' specifications, and take around a year to build.


Quality products need quality software

After experiencing rapid growth in the business, Discovery Shipyard was finding it difficult to maintain the same high level of customer service with a growing number of customers. For such a luxury product, customers expect dedicated and uninterrupted customer interaction and the ability to have input on every exact specification.

Communication with customers was disjointed and fragmented, taking place across various emails, call logs, and business workflows. Sales, customer service, and support were all managed in different to-do lists and spreadsheets. Discovery Shipyard needed one unified system to manage everything.

I could easily learn how to relate my data, write functions, and create business processes. Soon, ideas from my mind were live in Ninox.

Kerstin Langdon


An adaptable solution to grow with

With Ninox, Discovery Shipyard was able to bring all of its customer interactions and order processes into one place. Together they build a core solution for sales management, implementation, and post-sales support, making life easier for both customers and the company.

Now, Discovery Shipyward can seamlessly manage the entire customer journey, from the very first enquiry and initial specifications to overseeing the various stages of construction and post-sales support. The team uses Ninox on desktops and mobile devices, so users can create and modify data from anywhere, even when there's no internet connection.

Key Features
  • After-Sales Management
  • Customer Care and Management
  • Order Management


For Discovery Shipyard, having a smooth and responsive relationship with their customers was paramount. Some customer journeys can take two or three years, from the first enquiry to the delivery of their yacht. Now, all correspondence and requests are in one place for easy and professional customer service. Team members save time and energy and customers receive quick, accurate responses.

With Ninox, the company has managed to grow even further, largely due to the ease of data access from multiple devices and GDPR-compliant data security. Their ability to provide outstanding customer service now matches the high quality of the luxury yachts themselves.

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