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wattEV2Buy is a leading information provider in the world of electric vehicles (EVs), but was being slowed down by a poor data management system. They needed a new solution that could grow with them. That's when they found Ninox.




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Customer profile

wattEV2Buy is a global website designed to be a single source of information about electric vehicles. The sister site, ev-genius, provides a marketplace for EVs, where people can buy and sell their EVs.  They are both managed from Capetown by owner, Wynand Goosen. The two sites offer information about global markets and models. As you can imagine, the system holds a vast, rapidly growing, amount of data.


Outgrowing spreadsheets

The company was relying on Excel spreadsheets to manage their data, but with such a large amount of data, the systems were increasingly struggling to handle the volume. As frustration with Excel grew, Wynand started to look for online database tools to manage his database. The first databases tested proved to be too ‘light’ to handle the variety and volume of data. Following more searching, he finally came across Ninox.

Ninox helps a one-man operation move from simple blog to dynamic solution. It's not a database to me but a full content management platform.

Wynand Goosen


An adaptable solution

Attracted by strong reviews and accessibility online and offline across devices, Wynand found that Ninox had both the depth of functionality required and a learning curve that was simple and progressive. Support from the Ninox team directly and peer support through the active Ninox Forum were also a great help along the journey.

All of the data available through both sites is captured and managed, with Ninox acting as a content management system. This is then dynamically presented on the sites via the Ninox API. wattEV2Buy started with a single user to manage the data but has now matured to a business application with the capability to buy and sell EVs, as well as provide a database of leading EVs for suppliers, customers, and other stakeholders. Ninox is used in the cloud and across all Apple devices: Mac, MacBook, iPhones, and iPad.

Key Features
  • Content management
  • Process management
  • Data management


Productivity has improved rapidly since implementing Ninox, due to improved performance and reliability, which were huge problems with the previous Excel-based solution. Being able to find information with simple, one-click searches saves time for employees. Maintaining, updating, and enhancing the database is now a pleasure for the team.

Connecting the database directly through to EV website platforms replaces the need to transform ‘data into content’ - again saving a huge amount of time and improving reliability. The company now has room to grow and look ahead to new projects.

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