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"Valuable digitalization" - optimizing processes profitably through digitalization

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Small and medium-sized companies in Switzerland benefit from m2apla's customized software solution: The Ninox Premium Solution Partner combines the low-code platform Ninox with other systems to create a web-based, holistic business platform, especially in the SME sector. Since its foundation in 2019, m2apla has been supporting small and medium-sized companies in Switzerland with process optimization through digitalization. The company applies its years of experience in the world of SMEs to projects in order to develop practical software solutions. All in all, m2apla calls this "valuable digitalization".

Ninox & m2apla

Standard is often not enough for SMEs: Companies need customized software solutions

Standard software systems and industry solutions often lack the flexibility to fully digitally map the business processes of SMEs: Tailor-made solutions reduced to the essentials, customizable project management and adaptable controlled processes are required. In addition, users usually only use a fraction of the features and do not fully exploit the potential of existing IT solutions. This is where m2apla comes into play and supports SMEs with process implementation and development.

Typical efficiency traps such as poor data quality, multiple data entry and difficult information availability are immediately recognized by m2apla and it works on suitable improvement and solution alternatives.

m2apla attaches great importance to always understanding the customer's needs and requirements first. Regardless of whether Excel is to be replaced as a calculation and planning tool, a flexible connection to SAP or other ERP systems is required or "only" a solution for digital time recording is to be implemented - they help with solution-oriented concepts. Based on their diverse project experience and expertise with various software solutions, m2apla quickly develops a digital concept and ensures immediate implementation in direct cooperation with the customer.

Added value through the combination of low-code and established standard systems

Thanks to m2apla, many companies in Switzerland already benefit from customized and holistic ERP solutions that use Ninox as the central company platform.

m2apla uses Ninox in different ways: In most cases, Ninox is used as the only central system. Various other third-party systems are connected to Ninox - and there are virtually no limits: from various web services, e-commerce portals or communication services to the ERP system, everything is included. Which systems and services are used depends on the customer's expectations and wishes.

One example of this is the integration of Ninox, Bexio and DocuWare into a web-based and holistic ERP system including digital archiving. Thanks to the bidirectional connection, Ninox is used as the leading system: Employees enter their customer data in Ninox and monitor their projects using the Ninox dashboard. They can be sure that invoices and other documents are digitally archived in an audit-proof manner.  

The Ninox low-code platform acts as a leading system, enabling end-to-end digitalization of processes and connecting data, documents and workflows.


  • Address management:

‍Data entry is more efficient and data quality is more accurate thanks to synchronization with other systems (e.g. bexio) and connection to the Swiss telephone directory (Swisscom Directories) and commercial register (zefix).

  • Online store:

All items in the web store are stored and managed in Ninox - images, prices, categories, all product specifications. All changes to the articles are transferred to the bexio ERP system and transferred to the store in real time. If an item is deactivated in Ninox, it no longer appears in the online store.

  • Order and invoice:  

Orders are triggered by the online store and the information is transferred to Ninox. The responsible employees then create a bexio order in Ninox. The order number, order confirmation or delivery bill and invoice are generated automatically and can be sent directly by email.  

A central point of contact for employees

The combination of systems therefore creates great added value for companies:

  • Streamlined digital processes,
  • higher data quality and
  • greater efficiency,
  • transparency and
  • investment security.

Ninox becomes the central platform and single point of contact for users who do not need to switch to another system to get their work done.

The web-based ERP solution bexio is enhanced with valuable functions, the connection to DocuWare rounds off the solution and ensures legal security and efficient document management, while users work in a familiar environment and benefit from the flexibility, adaptability and user-friendliness of Ninox.

The avoidance of multiple data entry alone leads to reduced effort and better data quality. In addition, seamless working through automatic data exchange in real time enables well-founded project and management decisions based on up-to-date data.

The extension of standard software with Ninox's low-code technology enables users to make changes and adaptations at short notice - and to develop further with little effort. The prompt value contribution of Ninox, with manageable investment costs and practically no restrictions, results in very short amortization times and manageable investment risks for IT projects.

Integrations (examples)

  • bexio (full integration)
  • SAP Business One, Comatic
  • DocuWare (DMS)
  • Wildix UCC (unified communication), telephony, video calls, SMS, chat and messenger
  • clocko:do and TimeRocket (time recording)
  • Webshop
  • Google Contacts, Calendar
  • Swisscom Directories, zip code query for Switzerland, Germany and Austria, Swiss commercial register (

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