The popular database app Ninox for Mac, iPad and iPhone is free of charge

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Berlin, December 1, 2022: Apple users can look forward to the free Ninox app for Mac starting December 6. Ninox Software GmbH, which is one of the 50 fastest growing companies in Germany, enables all Apple customers an easier entry into the low-code platform.  

In addition to the apps for iPhone and iPad, the native app for Mac will now also be offered free of charge starting December 6. Furthermore, the apps for iPhone and iPad will be harmonized. Thus, Ninox contributes to making the mobile use of the platform more convenient.  

Ninox for Mac is the ideal solution for the single user. Databases can be stored locally or in the iCloud and can be synchronized on up to five devices logged in with the same Apple ID.  

The Mac app is a fully-fledged stand-alone app, which can be fully used without a Ninox Cloud subscription. However, users who have a subscription can also access their team in the Ninox Cloud from within the Ninox app and create rich business applications.

A screenshot showing Ninox database

Frank Böhmer, CEO of Ninox: "When we launched Ninox, we wanted to make the creation of databases and thus the digitization of processes of all kinds accessible to a wide range of users - including those with little or no programming knowledge. In the beginning, we focused on Mac, iPhone and iPad. In the meantime, Ninox is also available for other platforms, runs on all devices and is also available on-premises. Ninox is a very successful low-code platform for digitizing enterprise workflows: With Ninox, companies create customized applications for all business processes."

About Ninox:

Ninox Software GmbH was founded in 2013 by Frank Böhmer in Berlin and is one of the fastest growing SaaS providers in Germany. Ninox is a low-code platform for the digitalization of business processes, with which even citizen developers without programming skills can develop individual business applications. With over 500,000 downloads from the app stores and 250,000 registrations in the cloud version, Ninox is one of the most successful software products of its kind. Ninox customers include Siemens, Thyssen Krupp, Kampa and AboutYou.

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