Interview with the winner of our no-code challenge

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Who are you? Tell us a bit about you.

Hi I am Vishnu final year Computer science student, year of Batch 2020, incoming SDE at Tata Consultancy Services and creator of @news_nocode  

What is your connection to no-code?  How did you get started with no-code?

It all started in my first year when I had to create an application for a competition. I was new to coding and only knew the basics of programming then. So, I searched for any way to create an application without code. Then I found Thunkable, which was a fork of MIT App inventor, and I used it to create my app and won that competition. I feel when we are starting to learn any new framework or technology, we must have a high-level understanding of that technology/framework. So, first, analyze any popular application built using that framework/technology and learn how things are connected and working. That's how I learned Android development.

I feel this aspect of no-code is not explored yet, i.e teaching actual code using no-code tools.

Why did you participate in this challenge for the Landing page generator?

I wanted to apply all my knowledge of no-code tools and wanted to really challenge myself, that was the reason why I participated.

Tell us a bit about the solution you were able to create, important steps. What other No code tools did you use for the challenge?

The first step is to create all the data that you want to see in your frontend this includes the page's title, features images and whatever you want to see in your page
✔️ For payment I used Tillypay using which we can create payment links
✔️ Next store data in respective columns of Ninox Database
✔️ Get the data in JSON format using share this view option
✔️ You need to subscribe to this data, that's where comes into play
✔️ has an inbuilt module to get data from external sources. We can also use Webflow which is relatively simple but we need to use some automation platform like Integromat/Zapier to get the data from API and store it in CMS
✔️ So, as soon as a user subscribes to any plan (that we created in Tillypay) his data is stored in a new table of Ninox. We can easily create this automation in Integromat/Zapier. I created this automation in Integromat.

What is your plan for the future? Do you have some no-code related projects in mind?

I think I found my passion. I am currently creating an automation course on Integromat, working on creating a no-code newsletter platform and sadly my exams start next week, so kept everything aside temporarily.

What do you think of Ninox?

I have worked with many databases, including the likes of MySQL, Mango DB, and no-code ones like Airtable. I feel when it comes to functionality Ninox is the best. I agree with the fact that the UI can be improved slightly, otherwise, it's the best.

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